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11 ISKP terrorists killed in Mastung

By Salman Ashraf
August 31, 2021
11 ISKP terrorists killed in Mastung

QUETTA: Eleven terrorists of ISKP/Daesh were gunned down during a heavy and prolonged shootout in Mastung on Monday night, neutralizing a major camp of terrorists.

The ISKP (Islamic State Khorasan Province) terrorists belonging to the Abdul Hayee group were wanted for involvement in attack on police in May 2021, in which two policemen were martyred.

According to the CTD spokesman, they were tipped off about the presence of this ISKP cell in Killi Qamar Mazarabad in district Mastung. The terrorists, according to intelligence information, were planning to carry out a major terrorist action.

As the CTD surrounded the viper nest in Killi Qamar Mazarabad, the terrorists attacked the police by hurling hand grenades and firing intensely by automatic weapons. The police retaliated and after a prolonged and tense shootout, the threat was neutralized, resulting in the death of 11 terrorists, the CTD spokesman said.

The CTD said the timely action pre-empted the ISKP plan to settle down and use this part of Mastung as an epicenter for future terrorist actions in the province and beyond. A large cache of arms and explosives were recovered from the Daesh hideout, the spokesman said. According to the CTD, four SMGs, one light machine gun, two suicide jackets, three 9mm pistols, 15 kg explosives, prima cord, eight detonators and eight hand grenades were recovered.

An FIR was registered at a CTD Police Station in Balochistan and further investigations were underway to pursue the remaining members of the terrorist network, the CTD spokesman said.