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Mani likely to get new lease of life in PCB office

August 24, 2021
Mani likely to get new lease of life in PCB office

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani could get a fresh lease of life in his office as his association with the Pakistan Cricket Board may continue for how long is a question that only time will answer.

Mani and former Pakistan Test captain Ramiz Raja called on Prime Minister Imran Khan individually to discuss the future setup of the Board Monday. Mani was first to call on the PM who is also the Patron of the Board. Ramiz also met the PM for a short duration. The News approached sources within the PM House and the PCB. The likely scenario emerging from the meeting is that Mani and Ramiz would be the two getting the PM approval as the PCB Governing Board members for the next three years. Ehsan Mani is likely to contest the PCB Chairman election for a second term in office. “There are good chances that Mani would continue to be Governing Board member and ultimately contest elections as the chairman of the Board for the second term in office. However, would he be able to complete his second term in office is another question,” a source within the PM House revealed. One of the Governing Board members backed this likely outcome.

The News also caught up with Ehsan Mani at a local hotel following his meeting with PM and questioned the outcome. “I am not in a position to share anything with you. It is PM House that will be making any statement on the meeting,” Mani told The News.

When stressed to share at least something, he again told this correspondent, “You know my temperament well. I go according to the book and would not share anything with anyone. Wait for the PM House statement on our meeting,” he said.

It is believed that within the next couple of days, the PM will recommend two names for the PCB Governing Board. Besides Mani, Asad Ali Khan is another member of the Board. Asad is likely to be replaced by Ramiz while Mani is expected to retain his position. As the scenario emerges, it is believed Ramiz Raja would serve as the deputy to the Chairman for a specific period, and then again change would come.

“There is no clause in the constitution where a chairman can get elected for one year. The new chairman will be elected for a complete three years term. However, anything could happen in between. The chairman can resign due to health reasons or any change can take place in between.”

It is believed that Mani has successfully advocated his utility for Pakistan cricket during the meeting with PM. “It was Ramiz who emerged as a strong contender for the post of PCB Chairman. Since Mani is one of the most trusted of PM’s men, the scenario has now changed somewhat. We may see both on the PCB Governing Board,” the source said.

The concerned officials however have kept a mum on the whole development. “You would get a notification in a few days’ time. Let’s wait. Even we don’t know anything at this point in time,” one of the officials said.