Wednesday September 22, 2021

Rainy days bring an exceptional relief for Pindiites

August 01, 2021

Rawalpindi : Although heavy rain left the low-lying areas in Rawalpindi flooded, city residents however are enjoying pleasant weather. The cool enjoyable temperature has brought relief from the intolerable hot days. People are having better times this week compared to the preceding week.

“I have never been fond of hot days. The scorching heat always frowns me. With the arrival of the monsoon, the weather turned its course. As I sat in my room talking to my friend on my cell phone, lost in words, the sound of water drops brought my attention to the change. It was pouring! It was raining! I rushed to watch one of Allah’s delightful blessings,” says Mohsin Naqvi.

“There is something magical about rain, which makes me happy. The rainy days have been an added bonus for Rawalpindi residents. The raindrops bring with them a sign of pleasantness. When Allah cools the heated ground by the coolness of the droplets – His Mercy pours. When He wets the dry earth by rain, His Kindness pours,” says Najam Zaidi.

“The weather and weather conditions are some of the important things that we cherish during the scorching days. The type of our food and drinks change. This is the way we overcome the hot weather conditions and long hours of the day. Tolerable days, that is to say rainy days is one of the pleasing changes that we are witnessing this week,” says Shabbir Hussain.

“I remember the time the city’s streets remained almost empty of people due to extreme heat, until the air conditioners and electric fans ran out in many store rooms, and the electricity was cut off on one of the hottest days due to the large load on the electricity network. Thanks to Allah, we have witnessed exceptional rainy conditions this week,” says Nusrat Ali.

“A spell of early-morning, evening, or overnight rain provides breathing space from sweltering weather in the city. Of course, intermittent showers bring a sigh of relief. At times, a heavy shower coupled with thunder gives much-needed relief. Alhamdulillah,” says Nadeem Hasan.

“Lack of rainfall results in a mild to medium and extreme heatwave. On my birthday, it started raining at around 9 a.m., and continued to drizzle until around 7 p.m. It became heavier, later on, lasted over 30 minutes, and thereafter, it continued to drizzle for a couple of hours more, turning the weather cooler,” says overjoyed Sajjad Shah.

Salman Haider says, “This week, a spell of overnight rain brought some respite amidst the heatwave that had settled on the city. I am over-excited as we have many guests. The rain came down, accompanied by a gratifying wind. The rain cut down the soaring wave of heat, carrying some relief for us.”