Friday September 17, 2021

46pc people unhappy, 32pc satisfied with Punjab govt: survey

July 31, 2021
46pc people unhappy, 32pc satisfied with Punjab govt: survey

ISLAMABAD: According to a latest survey, 46 percent of the people in Punjab are rating the PTI provincial government’s performance as bad, while the PTI still enjoys support of a good 32 percent who are satisfied with their performance.

On almost reaching the three-year mark in power for PTI, the Institute for Public Opinion Research (IPOR) conducted an all-Punjab survey to gauge the feelings of voters and gauge their perception on the current political situation.

Among many questions asked about the general conditions, issues facing voters and also performance of government and the opposition as well. The voters had a mix reaction on the situation, on the one hand, half of the voters (49 percent) were not happy with the rising prices of daily essentials and (57 percent) declaring things not heading in right direction, while on the other hand, despite all these problems, majority 52 percent of the voters said they are still willing to let the current government complete its five-year term.

Majority 64 percent of the respondents said the PDM should confront the government inside the parliament and not through rallies and protests. 49 percent of the Respondents reported Price hike/inflation as the most important issue they are facing these day, while 19% said unemployment, followed by 13 percent poverty, and another 09 percent said corruption.