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Health experts say excessive intake of meat may cause heart, stomach issues

July 25, 2021

Islamabad : A senior cardiologist on Saturday advised citizens to eat only 100 grams of meat in a day to avoid any stomach problems.

People, particularly heart and hepatitis patients, should eat the meat of sacrificial animals carefully, otherwise, it could prove harmful, Heart specialist Dr Azhar Kayani in an interview warned.

He said sacrificial animals’ meat should not be preserved for long, saying it could cause infectious diseases, affecting lungs, stomach, heart blood circulation and high fever.

The physician explained that the excessive use of salt and chilies could also increase acidity in the stomach which is dangerous for those having problems with regurgitation, ulcers in the stomach and small intestines.

The consumption of cola drinks with the spicy food or red meat could do more harm to the health of individuals, particularly carrying certain diseases, he added.

He said various parts of the meat are rich in cholesterol which should be avoided by those having high cholesterol levels.

Citizens should cook well to avoid any stomach problems, he said.

Use plenty of lemon water during and after eating meat as excessive lemon water and green tea could help proper functioning of the stomach system.

Dr Kayani said the people particularly those suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and hepatitis, should carefully use the meat.

Another health expert Dr Arif Majeed underlined the need to avoid excessive use of frozen meat after Eid ul Azha.

Talking to this agency, he said it could be dangerous to health perspective as it causes various chronic viral infections including hepatitis, typhoid amid coronavirus.

Dr Arif further informed that frozen meat would also result in high cholesterol level, blood pressure, acidity, negative impact on liver function adding he urged people to take care of their health first instead using storage meat.

A housewife Ayesha Ahmed said, "My family doesn't like to put meat in the freezer for storage. She said she made different recipes with fresh food items.

Adding, she said a very little quantity of meat I used to freeze which was supposed to finish within a week minimum.”