Monday May 27, 2024

Pakistan to face more challenges after US withdrawal from Afghanistan, warns Kamal

By Our Correspondent
July 06, 2021

Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has warned that Pakistan will face more challenges after the withdrawal of US and Nato forces from the neighbouring Afghanistan.

“In order to overcome these challenges, the country and the nation need to be strong internally and it is not possible unless all political parties in Pakistan come up with consensus-based administrative and electoral reforms in the larger interest of the country by setting aside political interests and political engineering,” he said while addressing to New York journalists via video link.

He said the biggest responsibility in this regard lay with the PTI-led federal government and it should call an all-parties' conference inside and outside parliament and ensure comprehensive and unanimous administrative and electoral reforms.

Kamal said the decades-old pathetic quota system prevailed in Sindh which had murdered the merit of more than 50 per cent of the population of Karachi, and in this way the whole province had fallen into the clutches of corrupt, incompetent and prejudiced individuals and dynasties, and the whole of Pakistan was suffering economic consequences.

“The world empowers its metropolitan cities to strengthen their economies, increase trade and foreign exchange reserves. Pakistan has everything; it needs a better management system,” he said.

Kamal said the PSP had come up with workable solutions to all Pakistan's problems. “That is why, today a large number of Pakistanis from Karachi to Kashmir and around the world are joining the PSP.”

He said people had to take to the streets for themselves; otherwise, the bigoted Sindh government and the incompetent federal government would continue to make the lives of the people miserable.

“Imran Khan's federal government is being run by Asif Ali Zardari in return for which the PPP has been given a free hand in Sindh and the people of Sindh are suffering due to rampant corruption,” he said.