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PSO launches procurement through SAP Ariba

March 18, 2021

KARACHI: The nation’s most progressive energy company, the Pakistan State Oil (PSO), has once again taken the lead by launching e-procurement through SAP Ariba. The new e-procurement solution will significantly enhance the company’s strategic and operational capabilities and provide a level playing field to a large pool of suppliers while also increasing efficiency and reducing turnaround time.

This key milestone in PSO’s journey of digital transformation was marked by a ceremony held at the company’s head-office in Karachi where Managing Director & CEO, PSO, Syed Muhammad Taha, formally launched the program. Managing Director SAP Pakistan, Saquib Ahmad and Chairman Excellence Delivered Pvt. Ltd Sajjad Syed were also present at the occasion along with senior company officials and project management teams.

Speaking on the occasion, Managing Director & CEO, PSO, Syed Muhammad Taha, said: “PSO has once again proven that we are an energy company that gets to the future first. The pandemic has accentuated the importance of being agile and digitally ready in the fast evolving business landscape. Being technology driven is no longer a choice, but a necessity. PSO has always taken the lead in embracing emerging technologies be it the adoption of SAP back in 2005, pioneering fuel cards or the implementation of e-procurement through SAP Ariba now. Our digital transformation journey has just begun. This is PSO’s first step towards operational sustainability and more milestones will soon follow as we are a company that leads by example.”

Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, Saquib Ahmad, and Chairman Excellence Delivered Pvt. Ltd Sajjad Syed admired PSO’s results driven and visionary approach. They lauded the company’s efforts in being the change agent that drives IT transformation in the public sector and expressed their support for future automation and digitization initiatives.

As a dynamic and future-focused company, PSO continues to trailblaze with the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies and is fully geared for the attainment of new milestones on its journey of digital transformation.