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Wahab launches solar power project at KU

By Our Correspondent
March 11, 2021

Sindh Law and Environment Adviser Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Wednesday inaugurated a grid-tied solar system to energise the Arts and Social Sciences faculty of the University of Karachi.

The solar system having 32.5 kilowatts’ capacity has been donated by the Karachi University Alumni Association, Washington DC and Baltimore in the USA. The project is made up of 74 solar panel having a cost of Rs3.05 million as it is capable of saving at least 150 units of electricity per day.

Speaking on the occasion, the law adviser said solar energy was being utilised the world over to overcome the electricity crisis. He said that “by grace of Allah Pakistan’s geographical location is most suitable to take advantage of the solar power”.

He said the KU had not just been engaged in identifying problems but also striving to find solutions to these issues. He appreciated the fact that the KU’s administration had made efforts to increase its resources keeping in view the rising number of students on its campus.

Wahab lauded the utilisation of the mode of public-private partnership to launch new projects at the KU for the welfare and benefit of its students. He expressed gratitude to the KU’s Alumni Association for its continuous support for progress and development of their alma mater and that of the city of Karachi.

He said that like the KU everyone was required to make efforts to resolve issues instead of only complaining about the problems. After the KU, he said, other institutions should follow suit and come up with the initiatives to implement the vision of making Pakistan Clean and Green. He said that more such revolutionary projects should be launched for improvement of the environment like the one donated by the KU’s Alumni Association.

Barrister Wahab handed over cheques for the two scholarships for the KU students he had announced last month in the name of his late parents being the alumni of the varsity.

He said his family would completely bear the educational expenses of the two selected students, a made student and the other a female student. The law adviser said other members of the society should also come forward and launch such initiatives for the good of the countrymen.