Saturday August 13, 2022

CDA to cover up open manholes, sewerage gutters

February 01, 2021

Islamabad : Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Sunday issued instructions for the installation of lids on manholes, drain holes, sewerage, and gutters across the city as these manholes are a threat to human lives.

According to the details, many manholes, and gutters across the city have not been covered for the last several decades.

As a result, many accidents have taken place in the past.

However, now the present administration of CDA has issued instructions to immediately cover the gutters across the city and close them.

In this regard, the administration has issued instructions to the Department of Environment, City Sewerage, Road and Market Maintenance to cover all manholes of IESCO, SNGPL, PTCL, NTC which are open.

The chairman said that it should be written to the concerned companies to install their own manholes and gutter covers.

Following the above instructions, the Services and Engineering Wing will start a campaign to cover the open manholes across the city. The authority administration has also requested the citizens that they should cooperate with the civic body in this regard.