Tuesday December 07, 2021

Makeup artist files Rs500m damages suit against singer Ali Zafar

January 14, 2021

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Wednesday issued a notice to renowned Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar on Rs500 million defamation lawsuit filed by a makeup artist, alleging that the singer had made false and defamatory statement against her on social media.

Plaintiff Leena Ghani submitted in the lawsuit that singer turn actor had made the defamatory statement on social media on December 20 and 22 last year against her, alleging that she was part of a smear campaign against him on social media in theMeesha Shafi sexual harassment case, which was baseless. She alleged in the lawsuit that the singer had harassed her in a Pakistani fashion show in the UK some six years back.

The plaintiff submitted that Ali Zafar’s defamatory statement was viewed and seen throughout Pakistan and outside the country, which has defamed her nationally and internationally.

The court was requested to declare the defendant Ali Zafar’s act on social media, accusing her of being part of smear campaign against him, was a false statement, which tends to lower her in the estimation of general public and restrain him from issuing any statement through electronic or print media that may be defamatory to the plaintiff. The court after preliminary hearing of the case issued a notice to Ali Zafar and called his comments on January 25.