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Reading habit creates passion for writing, says young novelist

October 05, 2020

LAHORE:The Lahore Arts Council has organised another episode of its monthly literary and cultural session "Roshan Sitaray" to encourage high-performing youths.

In the current episode, young novelist Iman Aquil Abbasi was the guest speaker. Emaan, who made great achievements in the field of literature at an early age, described her life in a beautiful way, saying that from the earliest days, her parents paid attention to her training and helped her know her abilities.

She said her parents always encouraged her to read and write, so the habit of reading created a passion for writing. Answering a question, she said that dreaming and working hard for the fulfillment of dreams ensures success. She said her mother is her critic. She said, “Hard work, reading and writing as well as extracurricular activities can help build your personality."

Emaan said her characters are real. She recited poetry and also sang Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poetry. Lahore Arts Council Board of Governors Moneeza Hashmi said the purpose of the programme is to encourage the youths to be skilled and help them shine the name of the country. The event was broadcast live on the Lahore Arts Council's website and Facebook page, which was watched and liked by a large number of viewers.