Sunday November 28, 2021

Ravi flood inundates crops

July 14, 2020

TOBA TEK SINGH: The River Ravi flood Monday inundated hundreds of acres of crops. According to local farmers, sudden increase in water level inundated sugarcane, cotton crops and vegetables near river areas such as Mull Fatyana, Tara Haveli, Jhallar Saglay and other areas of Kamalia tehsil.

When contacted, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) flood control office, irrigation river Ravi sub Divisional officer Muhammad Adil said the River Ravi's spurs were safe and even re-examining of Mull Fatyana spur was underway by a team of engineers, who came from Lahore.

He said those cultivators who had sown crops on their owned land very near to river bank ,water may had crossed their own built small spurs by over flowing. He said his department officials will visit the area to assess the loss. He maintained that so far water passing level at head Sidhnai on River Ravi was recorded on Monday just 17,000 cusecs which was much low than the danger level.