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Nawaz advised to take daily walks

June 10, 2020

LONDON: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has been advised to engage in physical activity and take daily walks as lockdown rules have eased in the UK, his personal physician Doctor Adnan has said.

According to the former premier's personal physician, Nawaz Sharif was in self-quarantine due to his vulnerable age and a history of cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

Dr Adnan said: "Now, as lockdown is eased & authorities are allowing to go out for health reasons, PM #NawazSharif is medically advised to take regular physical activity & should manage walks daily for physical well-being as essential in the management of Heart Disease, Diabetes & Hypertension."

In a conversation with The News, Dr Adnan Khan said: "Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has complex cardiac & carotid artery disease with significant co-morbidities including Diabetes, Hypertension & Chronic Renal Disease. Due to the UK government's previous rules on lockdown amidst coronavirus pandemic, he was in self-quarantine at residence. Since the rules have been relaxed, his consulting doctors have advised him to take regular exercise and daily walks as an essential part of the disease management."It is very unfortunate that controversy is made when an under treatment patient is out for walks/exercise. While there’s little doubt that the intent behind leaking the picture was malafide, in reality had an opposite effect and a glimpse of Nawaz Sharif infused new life into his followers and workers."

Dr Khan, who left for Pakistan two weeks ago, said that he would return soon to London, as Mr. Sharif has to undergo planned Cardiac Intervention and further in-hospital treatment.

He said that all possible necessary precautions guided by the consultants and international health advisories are taken by Mr. Sharif during walks and exercises.