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Upsurge in ‘online matrimonial’ offers

By Mobarik A. Virk
June 03, 2020

Islamabad : While there are so much sarcasm circulating on social media concerning ‘coronavirus’ and its impact on the society, one interesting aspect noted is an unusual upsurge in ‘matrimonial offers’ on-line!

There are an unusual numbers of such offers noticed on the ‘Facebook’, ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Instagram’, etc., where apparently, repeat, apparently, not only young men and women but middle aged or even oldies (if one may consider 50 years plus as old) are offering taking or giving hand in marriage to the suitable matches.

In the last category, probably male are out in the open to prove the old adage that (Ghora aur Mard Kabhi Boorha Nahi Hota!’ (Horse and Man never turns old) as true!

However, this specific point is not confined to the menfolk alone! Women, in this particular category, are also not lagging far behind! They have their own set of lures to offer to attract a partner! Each candidate is over enthusiastic in giving out personal details, some even not shy of expressing their carnal inclinations. They are from all corners of not only Pakistan but from almost all over the world!

It seems that ‘stay, home, stay safe!’, or one can say the ‘Lockdown Policy’ is finally taking its toll on the emotions and desires of those who are still unmarried or, one can say, still without a partner!

One wonders if the recent ‘on-line’ marriages by some ‘celebrities’ as well as commoners, have triggered this trend?

And there are such interesting photographs, social status, qualifications and requiremen­ts/demands mentioned which really make one smile broadly if not ‘laugh out loud’ as well as contemplate whether these ‘Adds’, if we may call these as such, are true or just a vent for overpowering frustration sprouting out of inactivity and restrictions on free social movement.

There are all types of them. Young boys and girls, just out of college or university! There are government officials/officers at the beginning of their careers or down the hill. There are businessmen and businesswomen, divorcees, with or without children, widows and widowers and even married men looking for a second marriage.

Interestingly, those living in Pakistan are mostly interested in matches abroad while those living abroad are keen to make a match in Pakistan, especially girls/women.

Needless to say that all of the menfolk are looking for a fair maidens/women, slim, but not thin, medium height, between the age of 18 to 40 years, widow or divorcee will also be acceptable if fulfils the ‘wish list’, be well educated and a working lady, be well groomed to take care of domestic chores, be respectful and caring towards parents and other close relatives, be saying prayers and reciting Qura’an. Most astonishing is the growing number of young men who are willing to be ‘Ghar Damad’ (live-in-son-in-law)!

The women looking for a match on the social media have fewer demands though! Should be good looking (surprisingly fewer women are interested in colour of skin of men!) be independent, preferably sans kin, have a good job (not explicitly mentioned but with a clear hint towards at least a six figure salary preferably not starting with the digit ‘1’), be in possession of his own car and a good house, not be greedy (don’t even think of any dowry!) None has mentioned the requirement of ‘domestic servants’ but it, obviously, goes without saying!

Well, not a bad idea to search such ‘Posts’ on these social media websites as a fun activity during these days of inaction and boredom because of ‘Coronavirus’ imposed social distancing, lockdowns, and isolation!