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China helps the world in battle against COVID-19

By S.m. Hali
March 30, 2020

Pandemic COVID-19 has taken the world by storm but the country where it erupted, China, has not only managed to curb it but is leading the effort to defeat it. There have been no fresh cases of the pandemic in China, while the country has dispatched health experts along with testing kits, protective masks and gear to different countries around the globe to share its experiences and support the rest of the world.

Since the pandemic broke out, China has taken the most comprehensive, thorough and rigorous measures against it and such actions have produced great results. It is now contributing to the global fight against the pandemic. All along, China has been open, transparent and responsible in sharing information, staying in close communication and carrying out cooperation with relevant countries and international organizations including G7 and G20.

Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the G20 virtual summit via video conference from Beijing on March 26, calling on major economies to take collective action to counter COVID-19 and restore confidence for global economic recovery. The video conference, hosted by Saudi Arabia, was the first of its kind in G20 summit history and was President Xi’s first international meeting since the pandemic began.

Although it has won applause from the international community, some disgruntled and conscientious objectors have been demanding reparations from China since the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan first reported the outbreak. President Xi reminded the world that virus respects no borders and is the common enemy of international community. Displaying magnanimity, Chinese President Xi Jinping acknowledged that China received help and support from a lot of members of the global community at the most difficult time of its battle against the COVID-19 outbreak. He added that such expressions of friendship are being cherished by the Chinese people but now China is attempting to reciprocate by extending a helping hand to those still struggling to overcome the tribulation.

President Xi called for the whole world to build a tight global network for pandemic prevention and control. It is promising to learn that China will contribute to global economic stability by continuing to deepen reform and opening up, widening market access, improving the business environment and increasing imports and foreign investment.

In a telephonic conversation with US President Donald Trump, President Xi urged combined efforts between China and the United States to combat COVID-19 pandemic. The Chinese president reiterated that bilateral ties between the two may be at a critical juncture but both stand to gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation since cooperation is the best choice for both nations.

Pakistan—which prides itself in being China’s iron brother, stood by China when the coronavirus was at its peak in Wuhan and other Chinese cities—is now receiving exceptional support from China. Following Pakistani President Arif Alvi’s historic visit to Beijing to express solidarity of Pakistani masses with their Chinese brethren, China is rushing much-needed medical supplies to Islamabad. With Pakistan’s feeble medical infrastructure, weak economy and lack of essential resources like ventilators, protective masks, hazmat suits, COVID-19 testing kits and other necessities, China’s timely help is more than welcome.

China delivered medical supplies to Pakistan on Friday through the Khunjerab Pass which is the highest land port on Earth. In a tweet, the Chinese Embassy said both sides braved the cold and prepared for the medical supplies which will help combat coronavirus. Earlier, China requested Pakistan to open the border for a day so that the supplies could be delivered. Under a border protocol agreement of 1985, the Khunjerab border crossing remains closed from the end of November to April. According to local media, the Chinese Embassy also requested Pakistan to make due preparation before the delivery so that all materials could enter Pakistan smoothly. Pakistan has stopped international flights as well as domestic ones to control the spread of the contagion but special flights are plying between Beijing, Karachi, Islamabad, Urumqi and Guangzhou to bring in much needed medical supplies and specialists.

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, the live wire Yao Jing, is braving the lockdown in his host country, personally supervising each supply of the anti-COVID-19 kits arriving in Pakistan, ensuring their just distribution to the intended provinces. China has also supported Pakistan in building a quarantine hospital in record time. Numerous Chinese provinces, cities and organizations are also donating masks and testing reagents to Islamabad and Karachi directly, displaying their benevolence.

It’s not just Pakistan, eighty-two countries of the world so far have received much needed support to battle the dreaded novel virus from China. Italy, which had overtaken China in the number of deaths and cases by COVID-19, received various medical experts from China along with medical supplies to help the locals. Video conferencing with its experts to share their valuable experience with medical practitioners all over the world has been welcomed. In these troubled times, when stock markets are tumbling, economies have come to a grinding halt, appreciating that the epidemic knows no borders, during this trial of biblical proportions, China contributed a huge sum to the World Health Organization to support international cooperation on the COVID-19 fight.