Tuesday April 16, 2024

The Italian way

March 28, 2020

The reaction of citizens towards the spread of Covid-19 greatly depends how seriously preventive measures are adopted. I say “adopted” because how long the virus is going to stay and play havoc with human lives, is uncertain. Pakistanis can either follow the pattern of set in China or the one adopted in Italy. China took preventive measures so seriously that the pandemic is effectively contained there. On the other hand, Italians who are 98 percent educated made fun of the disease and indulged in massive violation of preventive measures enforced by the government. Unfortunately, in Pakistan a large section of population is replaying what was practised in Italy. Despite government’s advice, the Tableeghi Ijtima, numbering 2,50,000 was held in Raiwind for a day: some of them who travelled to other parts of the country have tested positive. In Landikotal, an anthem that made fun of the preventive measures adopted against the spread of the danger to life was composed and aired on social media. In Mardan, a large gathering was held at their Markaz. And so on.

Sayed GB Shah Bokhari