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Iran pedals Hormuz Peace Endeavour for regional trade, economic cooperation

January 07, 2020

The daily passage of about 15 million barrels of oil and trade of a huge volume among the countries of the region and beyond, depicts the strategic importance of the Strait of Hormuz in international trade and energy. As such, security and stability of the strait, in order to ensure access to international markets, is an undeniable necessity.

The present challenges facing the region and presence of a number of issues including the issues of Yemen and Iraq, alongside the existing wrong approach to bring them to an end through violence and hegemony underlines the imperative need for dialogue, for its lasting stability much more than purchase of a huge quantity of arms and signing of defense agreements with trans-regional powers.

The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that a persistent stability in this crisis-hit region depends upon reciprocal confidence, national strength and strengthening of good neighborliness among all the region countries.

Iran believes that replacement of a strong country by stronger region is the only solution of regional disputes, as the element of violence and coercion for years could not solve the regional disputes but created new issues for the region.

The prevailing conditions are rooted in this bitter reality that our region is suffering from the failure of comprehensive regional dialogues in various fields. We believe dialogue with each other must replace the dialogue about each other, so that we could be able to create the necessary ground for mass participation for a collective peace progress. The Islamic Republic of Iran, which always welcomes dialogue believes that the intra-regional dialogues must replace the exchange of harsh words and accusations. Only in this way we can remove the existing challenges and disputes and also build confidence.

With full understanding of the existing threats and challenges, and in order to reduce tensions and insecurities and control the soaring chain of crisis which may result into an indescribable tragedy, the Islamic Republic of Iran has proposed three initiatives: Hormuz Peace Endeavor, regional negotiation forum and non-aggression pact, for providing ground for the beginning of establishment of coalitions for trade, economic and cultural approaches among the regional countries in place of coalitions for military and security approaches, because we believe that the fate of the public and nations of the region are intertwined together and regional security is not divisible, so security or insecurity affects the whole region.

On the basis of this very perception, the Hurmuz Peace Endeavor named HOPE, has been proposed by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the regional countries which is the need for an all-out cooperation for growth and development.

The HOPE has been designed on the basis of principles like commitment to the United Nations charter and relations based on good neighborliness, respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, inalterability of international borders, peaceful solution to all disputes, rejection of force and coercion, non-participation in coalitions and treaties against each other, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs and foreign relations, mutual respect, reciprocal benefits, equality, and respect for holy places and national, religious and historical symbols of all the countries and people of the region.

With the purpose of furnishing a detailed picture of its initiative HOPE and holding dialogues on the requisites for its success, the Islamic Republic of Iran has organized the Tehran Dialogue Forum on 6-7 January and hopes the meetings could help in deepening of friendly dialogue among the regional countries for reaching the objectives of the HOPE including promotion of peace, stability, progress and welfare of all regional governments and people, encouragement for reciprocal understanding and peaceful and friendly relations, cooperation in eradication of terrorism and extremism, settlement of disputes on a peaceful note, through dialogue provision of energy security, freedom of shipping and unhindered transportation of oil and all other resources to and from the region.

As stressed by Tehran time and again, including during the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran has no reservation of any kind on dialogue, cooperation, participation and play of role by countries of the region, never seeks elimination of any country from the regional balance and welcomes each and every effort from any of the regional countries including the friendly and brotherly country of Pakistan for bringing security, peace and stability in the region.

In the end, it is necessary to mention that Dr.Zarif, Foreign Minister of Iran, has time and again invited academic and diplomatic associations, think tanks, study institutes and thinkers to help the Islamic Republic of Iran in promoting this plan for peace, security, stability and prosperity of all the regional countries.

The writer is Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran