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Tolerance Day celebrated at SLS

November 15, 2019

Rawalpindi :All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated International Day of Tolerance, says a press release.

Students of SLS, Harley Street Junior Branch celebrated the day through various activities followed by a special morning assembly promoting the idea of showing tolerance towards each other and dealing with difficult situations without losing patience.

The morning assembly started with a brief introduction of the day when one of the student highlighted the reason behind celebrating the day and its prime importance towards promoting peace and harmony amongst the members of society. Different themes related to the topic were touched upon by the students as they shared quotations by some famous people.

To sensitize the students regarding the topic pep talks were held during their Values Education period. Taking examples from everyday experiences the students were taught to practice patience and tolerance and to embrace differences and celebrate them in order to create harmony. The same idea was presented in the morning assembly through a problem solving wheel displayed on a standing board. The junior students came up on the stage one by one and gave a step wise presentation describing different ways presented on the wheel on how to deal with difficult situations without being intolerant. Emphasis was put on small acts such as apologizing, accepting and talking it out in order to handle such situations.

The special morning assembly was beautifully summed up with a delightful and engaging poem performance promoting the act of tolerance as a form of showing ones love and care for those who are around us. The wonderful performers had the audience smiling who clapped and thoroughly enjoyed the poem. Section Head, Mehwish Resham appreciated her students as she delivered the thought of the day about letting go as tolerance is all about having a big heart.