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Tolerance Day activities held at SLS

December 09, 2018

Rawalpindi : All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School celebrated the International Day of tolerance through a series of activities throughout the week, says a press release.

Students of SLS, Tufail Road Branch along with their teachers planned out activities in order to increase self-awareness about the issue and to curb the ever increasing intolerance level in our society. Pep talks were held in the classrooms and morning assemblies where students were made to understand that caring, respecting and listening to others with patience is the very fact that makes us human.

Primary students of Tufail Road Branch devised their own “Do it yourself Tolerance program”. This programme was implemented in all classes on age appropriate levels. Students of class 3 shared their “tolerance priorities” at school and home, sharing and spreading awareness on topics and situations towards which one should show tolerance the most. Class 4 students came up with ideas to achieve tolerance within their city by showing tolerance towards each other at public places such as roads, parks etc whereas class 5 gave fine contributions to promote tolerance at a nationwide level. The students also inspected through their textbooks, TV news, magazines and newspapers to read and find discussions about tolerance to make their tolerance plan.

A “Mood Tracker” was made by the students of class 6 in which they recorded their changing emotions and feelings towards a particular situation and after one week they inspected the change in their behaviour and discussed with their teachers on how to bring improvement and to reshape and reinforce better behaviour and promote acceptance. A “Tolerance Wall” was also made in the school ground where students pasted sticky notes sharing incidents and happenings leading to intolerance which one should avoid in their surroundings.

The activities continued throughout the week at the end of which Principal, Mrs. Samina Zeeshan appreciated her students and said that tolerance is all about letting go and moving away from a problem or situation till better sense prevails.