Saturday April 13, 2024

Saving the climate

November 21, 2018

Global warming is among the greatest threats that the world is facing these days. Highlighting this issue and taking adequate measures to counter it is essential for both the wellbeing and survival of living beings. The primary reason for this environmental turbulence is excessive carbon dioxide emission, which fails to get recycled back into the carbon cycle. Numerous factors, including rapid industrialisation and deforestation, and fossil fuel combustion have lead to a high level of uncontrolled carbon dioxide.

Although it is the responsibility of the government to initiate counter measures – for example plantation drive – which might mitigate carbon dioxide emission, citizens also have an instrumental role to play in the fight against this menace. A beneficial act would be to stop the burning of garbage on land as this practice drastically pollutes the air that we breathe in. The more rational approach would be to dispose of the waste in garbage bins. Our seemingly trivial act will go a long way in curbing the negative impacts of global warming.

Asfandyaar Katchela