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Plantation activity held at SLS

August 25, 2018

Rawalpindi: Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, Junior Section Lalazar and Zaraj Campus took part in a Plantation Activity recently held at the SLS Zaraj Campus, says a press release.

The plantation activity was facilitated by the Rotary Club Rawalpindi as part of Independence Day Celebrations in an effort to make Pakistan greener.

The preparations for the plantation activity started a day before the actual day on which the activity was to be held. The ground was cleaned and levelled and all the necessary arrangements were made by the school administration. The Rotary Club provided multiple tree saplings which included Neem, black paper and some apple trees.

The plantation activity started with a pep talk about plantation, given to the students by an expert from the Forestry Department of Pakistan about the importance of trees and how to take care of the planted trees. The students were made sensitive about the fact that in today’s world where we have been exposed to drastic climatic changes like global warming, planting trees is one thing that can save us from it.

Holes were dug and trees were planted by the students along with their teachers and some team members of Rotary Club. The students were given a hands-on demonstration of how to plant the trees. They learnt about the ratio of the mixture of sand, dirt and manure and how to use their feet to press the dirt securely around the tree. They then happily planted 14 of the planned 50 trees.

The day ended with lots of happy faces and dirt filled hands that could be seen in the school ground as some of the students filled the holes and the rest watered the trees and felt proud of it. SLS Schools Managing Director Mrs. Asiya Talha appreciated the students for actively taking part in this activity. She also thanked the President Rotary Club Rwp Mujahid Saleem for providing the students with such useful information and fostering environmental sensitivity in them.