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Book launched

By Obaid Abrar Khan
August 19, 2018

Islamabad : Emerging Dynamics of Management becomes the newest forerunner of contemporary Pakistani literature on the subject of modern day management. The launching ceremony of the book ‘Managers as Little Prince’ was held at a local hotel.

Written by Khurram Ellahi, an academician, public orator and motivational speaker. The book presents the author’s thoughts on the subject of Management as a composite of various aspects such as communication, organisational culture, leadership, personal development, human resources management and governance in conjunction with poetry, fiction and literature.

This is the first book from Pakistan which looks at Business & Management through lens of poetry & fiction. Author has used poetry as a tool to look at current issues of Business & Management sciences. Book starts with the thesis that how poetry & fiction has already influenced physics, psychology and other fields of knowledge. In this book Author has used the novel Little Prince written by Saint Exupery to attend the long lasting dilemmas of Business & Management. New thinking approach has been introduced to attend the old problems of management. Book also looks at conventional approach of attending those dilemmas and how thinking like Little Prince can help Managers. This is first of its kind endeavour from Pakistan. The speakers at the launch included Dr. Yousaf Zafar, Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Dr. Najeeeb Khan , Joint Secretary Ministry of Information, Dr. Hassan Rasool, Asst. Prof PIDE, Dr. Abid Ghafoor Head of Anthropology Department Bharia University, Shaheer Ellahi, Asst Prof. Bharia University, and Dr. Nadeem Khan Asst. Prof. PIDE.

This book bridges the gap between the availability of theoretical frameworks and research in the discipline of management and the guidance on how to actually implement that knowledge in real world settings. Author Khurram Ellahi is a lecturer at a public university. He is pursuing his PhD in leadership. The book has been published by Gufhtugu publication.