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Election expenses: Deadline to submit details expires

August 05, 2018

ISLAMABAD: The deadline for the newly elected candidates to submit the details of their election expenses ended at midnight.

“The winning candidates should submit their election expenses to the returning officers concerned for issuing of official notification,” said the ECP in a statement. All successful candidates are bound to submit the details of their election expenses within 10 days of polling, while unsuccessful candidates are required to submit their expenditure details within 30 days.

The commission will issue official notifications of successful candidates after receiving the expenses details. The notifications of successful candidates who fail to share their expense declarations will be withheld.

After the successful candidates are notified, the independent candidates will have three days to join any party.

The strength of all political parties in the national and provincial assemblies will be determined after the inclusion of independent candidates, after which the ECP will notify successful candidates from reserved seats. It is the constitutional obligation that the new assembly session should be convened within 21 days after elections so that the election of new prime minister, speaker and deputy speaker might be carried out.

The candidates who have won the elections from more than one constituency must retain only one seat within three days of the notification.