Wednesday February 21, 2024

Climbing the ladder

June 30, 2018

Newly-inducted officers at the FBR have expressed concerns over the absence of a comprehensive service structure, promotion channel and a well-defined career path from the organisation. According to the rules applicable to occupational groups in ESTA Code, there is a 25 percent quota of inspectors (BS-16) considered departmental cadre for promotion in BS-17 and thus getting induction in Inland Revenue Service as Assistant Commissioner (BS-17). However, due to frequent up-gradation of the post of inspectors in the past, which have placed new inspectors – who have better qualification than their seniors – much below in terms of seniority, making the chances of promotion quite remote.

However, the aforementioned rules also provide for a departmental examination under which candidates can be considered for an accelerated promotion. Unlike other government departments that have such examinations in place, the FBR has yet to prepare and enforce a scheme of such examination for the departmental candidates and getting it approved from the authorities concerned. It is time that the FBR came up with a rationalised service structure for the departmental cadre. This would not only blot out widespread discontentment among new appointees but would also help ensure their legitimate right to career progression.

Zaheer Khawaja