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NAB receives fresh evidence in Musharraf corruption case

By Waseem Abbasi
June 07, 2018

ISLAMABAD: NAB has received fresh evidence in its probe against former dictator Pervez Musharraf on misuse of authority and illegal allotment of multiple expensive plots to his favorite officers worth about Rs1000 billion.

The evidence includes a list of 10 prime properties worth billions of rupees which Musharraf held in his name and in the names of his family members. The fresh evidence was submitted by a retired army officer colonel Advocate Inamur Rahim on Tuesday to the deputy director coordination of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Rawalpindi.

A NAB official has confirmed to The News that the Bureau is examining the evidence against the former military ruler in an inquiry into “misuse of authority” by Musharraf. Earlier, NAB’s deputy director coordination Nasir Raza had sought documentary proof from Col Inam in an inquiry against the former dictator under NAB Ordinance 1999. However, NAB has yet to issue summon to the former dictator in the case.

“One can safely calculate that by allotting thousands of plots/Govt lands reserved for defence purposes caused losses of more than one thousand billions to National Exchequer and at least one Kala Bagh Dam could be constructed with that amount therefore, it is requested that a suitable direction should be given to DG WR, (Welfare and Rehabilitation) to provide the complete record of the land allotted and gifted by Pervaiz Musharaf and be cancelled and retrieved to Govt of Pakistan as all the lands situated in the country belongs to the public of Pakistan,” the letter says.

The fresh letter submitted to the NAB, a copy of which is available with The News, lists more than 10 properties held by Musharraf and his family members in various parts of the country and the worth of only two properties is Rs1 billion.

The lost of the plots in the name of Musharraf and his family includes, Plots No 172 and 301 (2000 yards each and worth Rs500 million each) Khayaban-e-Faisal DHA, Karachi, Two houses in Army Officers Housing Society Zamzama, DHA Karachi, A plot in Sector D, DHA Islamabad, Corner plot No. 1A DHA, Islamabad, Plot No. 15A Sector D, DHA Islamabad and Plot No. 15B Sector D, DHA Islamabad.

NAB has been told that Ex General Pervaiz Musharaf introduced a unique policy that on the last date of service as Army Chief when he would sign the last letter, it would accompany allotment letter of special plot, called as Good Signature Plot/ Last Signature Plot. By this way not only his successors, General (R) Kiyani and General Raheel Sharif got benefited, even General (R) Yousaf also got last signature plot as Vice Chief.

The Bureau was also informed that also introduced secret policy that on retirement every army chief would be gifted fully furnished and well equipped with all luxuries, pant house of 2 Kanals. The special pant houses were constructed and furnished from the state budget at golf club, DHA Lahore. The complainant disclosed that a two-Kanals x Pant House No. 185, Phase 2, at Defence Raiya Golf Club Lahore was gifted to former Army Chief General Kiyani and a similar Pant House No. 68, Phase No. 1, at Defence Raiya Golf Club, Lahore, was gifted to General Raheel Shareef.

The letter alleges that General (R) Musharraf injected corruption in the senior hierarchy of armed forces. To win the support of senior officers he made a policy that every general officer shall be allotted 5 plots as well as 50 acres of land.

“The land of Deh Okiwary presently Cricket Station Karachi was taken over by British Govt during Second World War with a Commitment that after six months of the War it would be returned back to its original owners. However after introduction of KDA Scheme, the above said land was handed over to city government for establishment of Cricket Stadium project,” says the letter.

NAB was informed that during 2002, Ex General Musharaf illegally decided to allot 18 acres of said land to senior officers over and above their entitlements. The original owners challenged the illegal allotment in the form of suit No 814/2002 pending before Sind High Court, but even then an illegal Society in the name of Army Officer Housing Society PT II National Stadium Karachi was introduced and allotted to senior officers. Names of few of those allotees are: i. General Ehsan-Ul-Haq ( Two plots of Two Kanals each- Plot No-29 and Plot No-15), ii. He was also allotted 2 plots at DHA Islamabad, “it is worth mentioning that General Ehasn was DG ISI when Dr. Aafiya Siddiqui was handed over to Americans at Islamabad”, iii. General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiani Plot No 112, iv. General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiani was also allotted a plot of 4 Kanals at Golf Course Road, Rawalpindi, v. General Kiyani was allotted a plot as COAS of 800 yards at DHA, Islamabad but he was allowed to occupy 20 Kanals of surrounding land known as EL Phase 1. Copy of site plan was attached with the letter, vi. General Yousaf Plot No- 28, vii. General Aziz Plot No- 14, viii. Lt General Mustafa Khan Plot No-15, ix. Lt General Abdul Jabbar Bhatti- Plot No- 19, x. Lt General Arif Hussain, xi. Lt General Hamid Rab Nawaz, xii. Lt General Shafat-Ullah Plot No- 16, xiii. Lt General Imtiaz Plot No-116, xiv. Lt General Salah Udin Satti Plot No 115, xv. Lt General Syed Ather Ali Plot No 113, xvi. Lt General Nadeem Taj Plot No 33, xvii. Lt General Ijaz Bakhshi Plot No 34, xviii. Lt General Anis Abbas Plot No 20, xix. Lt General Arif Hayyat Plot No 2, xx. Lt General Tahir Qazi Plot No 12, xxi. Major General Khalid Zaheer Akhtar former DG NLC Plot No- 54 (Major General Khalid Zaheer Akhtar who was allegedly involved in NLC mega corruption case and Parvez Musharaf allowed him to remain as DG NLC for continuous 7 years), xxii. Major General Ehtisham Zameer Plot No 26, xxiii. Major General Mohsin (DG WR) was allotted 3 Plots in sector D, DHA Phase-1, Islamabad, xxiv. Lt General Ahmed Shuja Pasha former DG ISI was also allotted 2 Kanals plot in cricket stadium land Karachi, xxv. General Parvez during his complete tenure illegally allotted commercial plots to all the Major Generals, Lt. Generals, and Generals serving with him, and xxvi. Major General Shahid Hashmat was the only Senior Officer who refused to get plot in Karachi Stadium on the plea that the land belongs to the locals and he doesn’t deserve that land.

The Complete List along with site plan of plots was also submitted with NAB. The letter also accuses Musharraf further allowing the senior officers to use army resources after allotment of the agriculture land. “They can use the army resources to develop their lands. The dozens of the engineer units, their man power and even the fuel meant for the armed forces were badly misused by the senior officers in development of their agriculture lands.” NAB was told that defence analyst Lt. General Amjad Shoaib, was also one of the beneficiaries. He may be requested to disclose his assets, residential plots, commercial plots and agricultural land and he should also apprise the general public that how he developed his agricultural land.

The Bureau was told that General Musharaf allotted completed phases of different DHAs to senior officers to get their support and as the result they are still standing with him and supporting him for their commercial interest.

General Parvez also allotted thousands of kanals of land in DI Khan to certain politicians to get their support on the issue of uniform whereas the said land was reserved for the families of Shuhada. In that regard, a separate complaint filed by Shafqat Mehmood Senator from PTI is already pending with the chairman NAB.