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SLS students celebrate spring

May 02, 2018

Rawalpindi: Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, Hali Road Montessori Branch recently held a Spring Carnival, says a press release.

The arrival of spring was celebrated by the Montessori students with great excitement. Colorful hangings related to the spring season could be seen everywhere which gave a festive look to the school ground. A miniature garden, a farm and a milkshake corner could be seen splitting the school ground into different activity corners.

One by one the students came out along with their teachers and did different activities, the purpose of which was to familiarize the young students about spring.The miniature garden was decorated with colorful flowers, birds, kite hangings and swings for the students who excitedly took turns to ride as they sang their favorite rhymes filling the ground with laughter and joy. In order to acquaint the students about birds and insects that can be found in a garden on a bright spring day, a guessing game was played with the students in which they guessed the names of different birds and insects they could see around in a garden.

Moving on to the next corner, which was a mini farm, the students wore masks to mimic farm animals. The sounds of rabbits, sheep and chicks could be heard everywhere as the students excitedly tried to imitate them. Pictures of different animals were also displayed and the teachers helped their students to learn more about them. The highlight of the day was the “milkshake corner” which was loved by everyone. Revising the names of the fruits the students learnt which fruits they can eat in spring season. Moving forward they did a small milkshake activity in which a stepwise demonstration about how to make milkshake was given by their teacher. Everyone took part actively and added the ingredients themselves and enjoyed it while sharing with everyone.

A kite flying activity was also arranged for the students. Various kites of different size and color could be seen everywhere as the students learnt about how to fly them. The colorful day came to an end with lots of happy faces as the students expressed their joy and whole-heartedly welcomed the spring season.