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Sister says KP Police, PTI leader knew about life threats to Asma Rani

By Wadood Mushtaq & Murtaza Ali Shah
January 31, 2018

LONDON: The sister of murdered Asma Rani has said both the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police and president of PTI Kohat district Aftab Alam knew about life threats to her sister but did absolutely nothing to stop Mujahid Afridi from killing her.

Asma Rani’s sister Sofia Rani made the extraordinary revelation in an interview here in West London where she shared full details of the terror her family has had to face over a long period of time at the hands of influential Mujahid Afridi, the nephew of PTI Kohat district president Aftab Alam.

Asma Rani, a third-year medical student in Kohat, was shot on Saturday afternoon, 120 miles west of the capital Islamabad, by Mujahid Afridi who comes from an influential family and used his clout to openly threaten Asma Rani for turning down a marriage proposal. Footage has emerged showing Asma Rani in hospital shortly before her death, naming Mujahid Afridi as her killer.

Sofia Rani said that her sister faced a constant campaign of harassment and threats from Mujahid Afridi but no one came to their rescue despite the fact that she, her sister and her family spoke to Aftab Alam, begging for help at least three times.

“Mujahid Afridi came to our house and issued threats to me, my family and my sister. We informed the police about these threats but no action was taken because he belongs to a rich family and we are a poor family. I have heard that policemen have been talking how rich Mujahid Afridi is,” said Sofia Rani, adding that Tabdeeli slogan by PTI is just a slogan and KP Police takes action only against poor people who have no clout and resources.

She said that the KP Police could have arrested Mujahid Afridi if they had wished to but they chose not to. She said that while on her death bed breathing last, her sister named the killer as Mujahid Afridi. “I asked Asma to speak to Aftab Alam and tell him what his nephew was doing. She told who her killer was and she never recovered after that. She said Aftab Alam should have asked the hospital staff if she spoke after that or not. “The police had six hours to act before Afridi took flight to Saudi Arabia and name of the killer was known but no action was taken,” she said.

Sofia Rani revealed that her sister called Aftab Alam and cried for help against his nephew but nothing was done. “My sister told me that Mujahid Afridi harassed, chased and terrorised her. She told Aftab Alam she faced death threats from his nephew, told him she didn’t want to marry him. I got number of Mujahid Afridi and family and from London I called them and requested them to stop harassing my sister. Instead, they threatened that the will harm me in London. He told me not to interfere,” Sofia said.

She said her sister told Aftab Alam that his nephew will kill her but he didn’t move. “My sister told how she was going to Abbottabad one day when Mujahid Afridi made attempt on her on the way and snatched her purse. We told Aftab Alam but we didn’t get a response. My mum even spoke to a police officer. We didn’t know she will be killed. We could never think that Asma will be killed in the cruellest manner in front of our family home,” she said.

Sofia said her sister didn’t want to get married because she aspired to be a medical specialist. “She wanted to fulfil her dreams of becoming a doctor, she had big aspirations, she dreamt for us too, she wanted to come to UK for specialisation after getting medical degree. She didn’t want to get married.”

She said her sister’s murder was pre-planned and Mujahid Afridi had support and planning and that’s the reason why he already had visa for Saudi Arabia.

Sofia Rani said: “We voted for Imran Khan because we thought he’s our Pakhtun brother and he will do something for us but he has done nothing for us. Look at what happened to Zainab, Naqeeb and then to my sister. If these leaders can’t give us justice, they shouldn’t ask for our votes.”

Sofia appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Imran Khan to play their role in getting her family protection. She said Mujahid Afridi must be brought back from Saudi Arabia and her family in Kohat must be provided protection because Mujahid Afrdi’s family is influential and powerful.

Afridi’s brother Sadiqullah has been arrested by the police and Afridi is believed to have travelled straight to Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad after committing the crime, boarding a flight to Saudi Arabia that evening. A red notice has been issued by Interpol for his arrest by Pakistani police.

News Desk adds: Talking to The News, Aftab Alam on Tuesday categorically rejected the Sofia Rani’s allegations, saying he did not know slain Asma Rani’s family. He maintained that neither anyone from the family complained to him about Asma’s alleged killer nor sought any help.

Aftab said he learnt about the incident from police. He claimed that the accused had been in Dubai and that he had to go to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. Aftab said that he did not know whether Mujahid came to Pakistan or not.

Aftab said he did not know anything about any proposal made to the slain Asma. Earlier in the day, addressing a press conference in Kohat, Aftab Alam and MNA Sheharyar Afridi vowed to ensure justice in Asma murder case, stating that the PTI opposed highhandedness.

They claimed that the KP government and police were independent. They said there was no influence on police and they would fully support it to bring the killers to book and ensure rule of law. They said it was a test case for the KP Police as Asma was daughter of the nation.

They said police was in contact with Asma’s father, and PTI’s legal team was ready to help Asma’s family in getting justice. They demanded the Interior Ministry, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), KP Police chief and the Saudi government to arrest the accused. They claimed they didn’t know anything about any proposal. The accused was father of two, they added.