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Seminar on ‘Augmented & Virtual Reality’ held

January 27, 2018

Islamabad :A seminar on ‘Augmented & Virtual Reality’, organised by Change Mechanics was held at WeCreate Centre, here, says a press release.

Sayyed Ahmad Masud, CEO Change Mechanics moderated the session and enlightened the audience about ‘The Disrupt Series’ initiative, and why change mechanics feels the need to push people to not only be the followers but to be the pioneers & innovators of the 4th industrial wave.

Abbas Saleem Khan - AR/VR gaming expert presented in depth history of AR and its origins along with the future of AR and how it will transform our lives. He also explained the science and technology that enables AR and its various uses. For a country like Pakistan, this is an excellent time to invest in these emerging technologies since these represent significant opportunities for creating innovative global applications.

The seminar also included demonstrations by experts such as Ali Moeen Nawazish, General Manager of Strategy, who presented the Real AR application developed for a media group and talked about how media will be revolutionized due to this technology. He showed the audience how when the newspaper is scanned through the app it links to an extensive photo library and video links relevant to the news item being scanned.

Wajiha Habib, co-founder & CEO & Touseef Ahmed, from team Orbit; explained how their app provides students an immersive learning environment using augmented reality. Their AR based biology lessons are already being used to teach school students with amazing results. Zain Zaidi, founder of Squaberry Studios presented how his team uses virtual and augmented reality in the field of real estate to create virtual 3D models of structures beforehand to help investors visualize plans through an interactive platform.

Change Mechanics is a network of knowledgeable entrepreneurs, innovators, educators and change agents who are embarked on a journey of change to develop practical solutions to real world issues, benefiting businesses, industries and society. Change Mechanics provides the platforms, knowledge exchange programs, mentoring & training services to aspiring entrepreneurs, government, industry and academia for fostering innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and building strong academia industry linkages.

‘The Disrupt Series’ launched by Change Mechanics is an exclusive opportunity that aims for business leaders, technology enthusiasts and students from all sectors to learn about the far reaching impact of the 4th industrial wave on the future of work, education, health, governance and entertainment. The second session of the Disrupt series discussed Artificial Intelligence in an enlightening and interactive session, providing an insight on how AI works, its potential impact and the numerous opportunities it has to offer.