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Cultural show to popularise authentic Chinese food held

By our correspondents
May 09, 2017


Cultural Section of the Chinese Embassy here on Monday held a cultural show (Chinese cuisine-class), popularizing authentic Chinese food to promote bonds of friendship between the two countries.

Chinese culinary art was displayed on the occasion. It was the part cultural diplomacy, promoting people-to-people’s contacts, said Mrs. Diana Bao, wife of Chinese ambassador while speaking at the show as a chief guest.

The Chinese food because of its natural taste and commonality with Pakistani foodstuff is becoming a strong source of bilateral cultural bonds.  It is a natural way to bring the people more closer to each other, she added.

The development of common food’s taste, Diana Bao said could further deepen their love and fraternity. The Chinese food’s test is becoming popular, and more and more Pakistani people are looking keen to taste authentic Chinese food.

The Chinese Cultural Section has been regularly holding here food’s classes for the Pakistan women, since 2015 in collaboration with All Pak-China Friendship Association.

The show was largely attended by a section of women from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They witnessed the cooking-style of the Chinese food from Chinese Chefs and learnt as how to do the same at home.

You Yi, Cultural Consuslor said on the occasion that the Center will be holding multiple activities to acquaint the local people about the Chinese culture and art.

President of All-Pakistan-China Friendship Association Attia A. Qutub was also present on the occasion who spoke high about the richness and variety of the Chinese food for good health and taste.

She said the Chinese cuisine is very different from Pakistani, which takes more care of colour, flavour and taste. More and more people like to eat Chinese food.  Participants on the occasion got a chance to taste delectable Chinese food.