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Pro-Gen Raheel banners in Karachi yet again

By News Desk
October 10, 2016

LAHORE: Banners have again been displayed in Karachi in support of Chief of the Army Staff Gen Raheel Sharif.

These banners are inscribed with slogans in Urdu ‘Kuch aur Nahin, Bus Pakistan’ (Nothing else, Except Pakistan) and contain the pictures of the army chief and the two soldiers martyred at the LoC.

“Move On Pakistan” party displayed the banners. Talking to BBC, its chairman said the move was aimed at expressing support to the army, with the sole political objective that the entire nation would stand shoulder-to-shoulder in case of an Indian aggression. The banners had initially been displayed in Karachi only, he added. His party had displayed banners in support of Gen Raheel in the past too.

The banners, which were previously displayed to show support to the army chief, contained slogans like ‘Jaaney ki Batien Jaaney Du’ (Leave the Talk of Going) and ‘Ab Aajao’ (Come Now).