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Contemporary subcultures the focus in Kaaf Noon’s ‘Rang-e-Soonwilhar’

By Umer Sheikh
September 05, 2016


Showcasing work of renowned artists Manzoor Solangi, Jam Deepar and Faiz M Supro, the Kaaf Noon art gallery on August 30 presented an exclusive exhibition titled ‘Rang-e-Soonwilhar’.

Focusing on both rural and urban settings, the show depicts contemporary sub-cultures prevalent in Pakistan.

Culture is that key element which defines all major outlines and frameworks of a particular society. From the fashions we follow, to the food we eat and the rules we live by our entire lives, is all a part of our culture.

However, in the race of development we left innumerable things, once a part of our culture, behind us.

Artist Manzoor Solangi’s work is based on the uber-complicated relationship of a human with the culture they are born in. “His focus on minute details that our norms and values carry, is indeed appreciable,” said Ali Murtaza, an art lover in attendance at the gallery.

“Since you don’t always get to witness these cultures, the paintings have to an extent cleared my vision about the sub-cultures and the beauty of their co-existence,” opined a visitor at the gallery.

Where traditions and customs provide one the space for living a better and improved lifestyle, they also simultaneously happen to obstruct a society’s progress; hence, we as humans need to be aware of the effects their practice entails.

Supro, on the other hand, has focused on the real essence of rural life through his work; he has highlighted messages almost forgotten by the entire society.

“It is a matter to ponder over that as the urban population was busy severing its ties with its roots, the rural segment hung on to them. For some that might be orthodox but for many it is being cultural.”

The village life portrayed by Supro is thrilling, in that, he not only sketched out the brighter but also the dark sides of cultures practiced among the rural population, noted another observer.

Solangi also criticised the major drawbacks of Pakistani culture such as child labour.

“He has depicted the flaws of Pakistani culture with such marvel that it almost made me want to speak against them,” opined a visitor at the gallery.  The exhibition will continue till September 9.