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Annotations: Revisited explores ties of consumerism and architecture

By Umer Sheikh
August 15, 2016


Vivid in its manifestation, the work of Anjum Jamal, titled ‘Annotations: Revisited’ exhibited at the Koel gallery, conveys the impact of consumerism on the lives of both urban and rural people, and how it altered infrastructure in particular.

“I belong to a working class family and have worked in elaborately designed buildings, and have, hence, been witness to the massive transformation the city has undergone,” said Jamal while elaborating her vision.

Most of her artwork revolved around the theme of ‘aerial views’ of workplaces which distinctly signify her observation of architectural alterations, dominating our style of living now.

With time, corporate culture overcame our surroundings, and as human instinct goes, we adapted to the changes it brought with it. It is this evolution in our lifestyle that the artist tried to portray.

“I looked at different miracles of engineering around us and memorised them, and that all my artwork is about, a reflection of my memory,” Anjum said. Furthermore, she pointed out that her work is a celebration of the new age and its dynamics. “It is wonderful to observe the changes in styles and fashions; we are heading towards the Age of Aquarius.”

However, variations in the city have caused sufferings to several but also benefited an equally big number of civilians with unlimited opportunities. “Her artwork has made us realise the conversions in the city and their substantial effects over our lives,” opined the curator of the gallery Noorjehan Bilgrami.

Artist paid homage to contemporary structures of concrete with the use of colour grey mixed with different tones of black, making it aesthetically pleasant. A renowned artist Akram Spaul while commenting on Anjum’s work said, “The way she depicted the complexities of transformation that a metropolis undergoes is marvellous. Fine use of dark and light shades of grey to illustrate the roads and bridges is phenomenal.”

One of the paintings titled ‘Route of roots’ depicts the troublesome path of entering into a new era and the cost of thinking outside the box. The one line structure depicts the irony of orthodox pattern of thinking that in the race of being unconventional we all will find ourselves alone.

“In the beginning I was afraid of such alterations in the city but I settled down to the changes with time and today after witnessing Anum’s work, I feel that the change ought to be celebrated,” said a visitor at the gallery.  The show will continue till August 27.