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Afghan govt must abolish RAW’s training camps

Pakistan seeks action against Mullah Fazlullah

By our correspondents
May 16, 2015
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has formally demanded the government of Afghanistan to eliminate the training camps of Indian spy agency, RAW, operational in the landlocked country, stating that they are involved in destabilising Balochistan in specific and Pakistan in general.
The Government of Pakistan has also urged the Afghan government to take action against Mullah Fazlullah on its own or allow Pakistan to do the same. Solid evidence of covert meetings of RAW with Mullah Fazlullah and Baloch separatist leaders have also been provided to Afghanistan.
Official sources said that during a visit to Afghanistan, Pakistan’s political and military leadership provided solid proof regarding RAW’s anti-Pakistan activities while it had also been revealed that the chief of the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban (TTP), Mullah Fazlullah, had held meetings with officers of RAW. The proof of these meetings had been provided to the Afghan officials.
Three or four officers of the Indian intelligence agency held meetings with Fazlullah in an area near Kunar, Afghanistan. They were also involved in provision of weapons and funds to the banned outfit.
Banned organisations including the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and Balochistan Republican Army (BRA) were directly funded by RAW, which had established training camps in Kabul, Kandahar and Nimruz.
As per the statement by the defence minister, it has been confirmed that some of the Baloch leaders used Indian passports.On the other hand, sources further said that Riaz Gul Bugti, a commander of Brahamdagh Bugti, just recently met RAW’s intelligence officials in Indian capital, New Delhi. During these meetings, Riaz Gul demanded for the appointment of Baloch instructors in training camps.
Pakistani officials are of the view that it has been made clear to the Afghan government that Pakistan is ready for a joint operation and cooperation to eliminate these training camps. They have said that as long as RAW is active in Afghanistan, Balochistan will not become stable.
It has also been learnt that the president of Afghanistan had promised that the Afghan government and intelligence agencies would engage in a decisive action against Fazlullah in the light of evidence provided by Pakistan. Moreover, these training camps would not be used against Pakistan.