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Start your life-changing journey at IBA Karachi

By News Desk
June 08, 2024
This image released on July 12 2023, shows the IBA Karachi building. — Facebook/IBA - Institute of Business Administration
This image released on July 12 2023, shows the IBA Karachi building. — Facebook/IBA - Institute of Business Administration

In the heart of Pakistan's economic hub sits a legacy institute known for imparting quality education for almost seven decades. The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi is home to leaders, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, researchers, innovators, changemakers, and doers who go out into the world and leave a lasting impact.

Founded in 1955, the Institute has nurtured leaders who are placed in top positions nationally and internationally, a testament to the transformative power of an IBA education.

IBA's journey has transitioned from a leading business school to a multi-disciplinary institution. In 2020, IBA expanded its horizons and established three schools, namely, the School of Business Studies, the School of Economics and Social Sciences, and the School of Mathematics and Computer Science, showcasing our commitment to innovation in and excellence in education.

At the IBA, we believe in education as a lifestyle where the students are given the skills to match that of the evolving dynamics of the world, and that is where the exceptional faculty plays a major role, with over 65% holding a PhD degree from top universities around the world.

We believe that financial constraints should not deny any student the opportunity to pursue quality education. We offer many financial aid options to help students. In the academic year 2022-2023, approximately 39% of the student body at IBA benefitted from the generous financial aid structure at the IBA as stated by Khadija Bari.

Imparting skills for the evolving century

The IBA is a beacon of leadership in the realm of higher learning where students learn in a transformative environment, which enables them to conduct research and follow their passions made possible through the state-of-the-art facilities available on both campuses - the Main Campus and the City Campus.

Those passionate about numbers and technology can find themselves at home at the research labs for Artificial Intelligence, Web Science, Big Data, and Telecommunications.

Keeping pace with global trends, the IBA provides its student body with an experience that is at par with international standards. The Rashid Abdulla Consumer Neuroscience Laboratory allows students to delve into consumers' subconscious responses through neuromarketing, revolutionizing consumer research and reshaping our understanding of buying behaviour.

The Finance buffs can head to the HBL Finance Lab which provides exposure to investment securities analysis, portfolio management, and financial valuations using real-time market data.

Our alumni, who lead in various industries, are our brand ambassadors, who continue to shine nationally and internationally in prominent positions. The IBA takes immense pride in its 18,000 + alumni who continue to fly high, and lead change.

Recognising the importance of balancing academia and extracurricular activities, the Office of Student Affairs plays a crucial role in community engagement, talent and skill development, and student leadership training, honing students' passions and talent beyond academia.

IBA prioritises the wellbeing of its campus community, offering a dedicated Health and Wellness Center with wellness counselors and clinical psychologists, providing comprehensive mental health support.

The secret to our success

How do we nurture leaders, thinkers, creators, achievers and changemakers? We achieve this through a holistic learning approach that instills a passion for innovation and critical thinking.

Innovate, excel, and lead at the School of Business Studies

IBA's flagship programs are housed in the School of Business Studies. The School, a leading business school in Pakistan, adheres to the best international standards, providing faculty and students with a unique learning and teaching experience. Its well-equipped spaces foster teamwork and creativity, preparing the next generation of high-potential executives through programs in accounting and law, finance, management, and marketing.

Shaping minds, societies, and futures at the School of the Economics and Social Sciences

The School of Economics and Social Sciences offers students an academic exploration of economics, social sciences, and humanities disciplines, providing a strong foundation for higher studies and integration into the contemporary world. We prepare our students for a wide range of career paths and acquaint them with different avenues of knowledge. Our pedagogical approaches align with modern universities, especially the courses in social sciences and humanities, which play a pivotal role in all programs across IBA. The humanistic approach at IBA helps nurture future thought leaders.

Unlock the code to your future at the School of Mathematics and Computer Science

One of the fastest-growing science schools in Pakistan, the School of Mathematics and Computer Science models itself among the country's best research and teaching in sciences and allied fields.

Our degrees in Computer Science and Data Science go a long way in looking at the 'future of work' concept where data and analytics are the driving force for data analysts to combine their knowledge and skill to interpret data and structure it in a more humanistic manner.