Thursday June 13, 2024

Teachers of FG colleges bypassed as FDE appoints director

By Jamila Achakzai
June 06, 2024
Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) building. — Facebook/FDE-Federal Directorate of Education/File
Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) building. — Facebook/FDE-Federal Directorate of Education/File

Islamabad:The Federal Directorate of Education has appointed Saba Faisal, the principal of Islamabad College for Girls F-6/2, the director of colleges, bypassing members of the Federal Government colleges.

Critics rejected the college regulator's move as another instance of ad hocism and a temporary fix, leading to discontent among teachers in FG colleges. The appointment of Saba Faisal, who has a model college background, has widened the longstanding rift between FG and model colleges.

A senior associate professor expressed disappointment, pointing out that the last time a director of colleges was appointed from the Federal Government colleges was in 2012-13, with Professor Mehmood Akhter Malik being the last incumbent.

He added that since then, the FG colleges had been consistently overlooked for the key administrative position. Historically, the governance structure had two separate directors - one for model colleges and one for FG colleges - until 2018, when the control of FG colleges was merged under the director of model colleges, resulting in a prolonged absence of representation from FG colleges in the directorial role.

The recent FDE decision has sparked unease and frustration among teachers in FG colleges, who call for their fair representation in key administrative positions. They demand a rotational system with directors being alternately selected from both model and FG colleges to promote equity and inclusivity.

"This appointment has further exposed the deep-seated issues within the FDE, where makeshift solutions and ad hocism seem to take precedence over long-term, sustainable solutions," an associate professor told 'The News'.

He expressed dismay at the consistent disregard for FG colleges in the appointment of the Director of Colleges within the FDE. "The latest decision to bypass FG colleges and appoint another individual from the model college setup further widens the existing gap."

The faculty member emphasised that FG colleges had qualified and experienced teachers who were well-equipped to hold such positions. He said the lack of representation not only demotivated FG college teachers but also perpetuated feelings of exclusion and marginalisation, highlighting the need for more inclusive decision-making. Another FG college professor expressed strong sentiments, saying the decision is a stark disregard for the dedicated efforts of FG college teachers, who have consistently delivered quality education despite numerous obstacles.