Friday June 21, 2024

‘Turkiye, Pakistan determined to increase trade volume from $1 billion to $5 billion in three years’

By Yousuf Katpar
May 24, 2024
Ambassador of Turkiye, Mehmet Pacaci addresses during the Meet the Press program at Karachi Press Club on May 23, 2024. — PPI
Ambassador of Turkiye, Mehmet Pacaci addresses during the Meet the Press program at Karachi Press Club on May 23, 2024. — PPI

Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Dr Mehmet Pacaci said on Thursday that the current annual bilateral trade volume of $1 billion between Pakistan and Turkiye doesn't reflect the true potential of both the Muslim countries.

Speaking at the Karachi Press Club's Meet the Press programme, he said Ankara and Islamabad had "excellent relations and a very deep-rooted historical bond”. "We have people that have love and affection for each other. But unfortunately our trade volume is not commensurate with our love and affection for each other," Pacaci added.

He stressed that both the countries were determined to hike the annual bilateral trade from the current $1 billion to $5 billion in next three years. "This is the immediate target to increase the trade volume to $5 billion in two to three years. We are working hard to reach the target," he highlighted.

He said that with the common vision of the leadership of both sides, we have laid a strong foundation of ties between the two sides and we are eager to enhance relations in trade, education, culture and other sectors.

The Turkish ambassador highlighted the historical background of the Turkish nation and called for the need to further study it by the academia in Pakistan and Turkiye. He said the Muslims of Anatolia can never forget the support of the Muslims of this land "Asia" through the Khilafat Movement to support the then caliphate in Islanbul.

Speaking about the political relations of Pakistan and Turkey, he remarked that our political bond is around 77 years old that started with the establishment of Pakistan in 1947. He said that from 1947 onward, our relations developed as the two countries supported each other at various international and regional forums, embracing each other's national causes.

Pacaci highlighted that Turkiye remained a firm supporter of Pakistan's territorial integrity and thereby the resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute through a dialogue between Pakistan and India within the framework of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

He recalled when an "unjust group" called FETO attempted a military coup in Turkey in 2016, Pakistan supported Turkiye and declared the elements of FETO as a terrorist organisation, which was an unforgettable support to Turkey.

The ambassador reiterated that both Muslim countries shared the stance on the Palestine issue and Israeli atrocities in Gaza. He said Ankara supported all diplomatic efforts to prosecute Israel over atrocities committed by it in Gaza.

He said two countries also supported each other on Islamophobia spreading in especially in Europe and West in general. He also recalled that an 80-member team from Pakistan participated in rescue and relief work in the time of 2023 earthquake in Turkiye, which shows the commitment and relations between the two countries. At the time of the earthquake in Turkiye, the people of Pakistan also collected donations and dispatched relief goods to his country, he added.

Earlier, in his address, President KPC Saeed Sarbazi highly appreciated the role played by Dr Mehmet Pacaci to further strengthen the ties between the two Muslim countries and expressed gratitude to him for sparing precious time to visit the press club.

On the occasion, Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Dr Mehmet Pacaci and Turkish Consul General in Karachi Cemal Sangu were presented with the traditional gifts of Sindhi Topi and Ajarak by President KPC Saeed Sarbazi, Secretary KPC Shoaib Ahmed, Vice President Rasheed Memon, Joint Secretary Muhammad Munsif and members of the Governing Body.