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REVIVAL OF CINEMA: Poppay ki Wedding: Entertainment package

By Our Correspondent
May 19, 2024
This Screengrab shows the poster of the  ‘Poppay Ki Wedding’, Film on Apr 17, 2024. — YouTube/@StarstruckFilms
This Screengrab shows the poster of the  ‘Poppay Ki Wedding’, Film on Apr 17, 2024. — YouTube/@StarstruckFilms

Islamabad : ‘Poppay Ki Wedding’, produced by Starstruck Films, was released in cinemas on 10 May 2024, under the banner of Hum Films in Pakistan, and World Cinema Partners and Intleconomic Industries internationally.

‘Poppay Ki Wedding’ revolves around the antics and misadventures of its lead character ‘Poppa’ (Khushhal Khan), who returns from abroad for his sister’s wedding only to find himself intertwined in complex situations leading to madness and chaos. His family being conservative, fixes his marriage with a girl he has never seen before. The film displays his journey from refusing the proposal to seeing a glance the girl he is to be married.

‘Poppay Ki Wedding’ a is an intelligently packaged entertainer that packs just about everything that the keen cinemagoer expects from a film of this genre. Duo-directors Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia beautifully wrap the complexities of arranged marriage in a modern framework. The film is a pleasant mixture of comedy, romance, and emotional depth leaving the viewers happy and entertained even long after it ends.

The script is well-knitted with unique and relatable dialogues which makes every scene taking the story further. Every character is meticulously worked on, having their individual character traits making them extremely interesting. Furthermore, the performances of actors add shimmer to the starry film. Khushhal Khan’s impeccable comic timing and expressions keep you hooked to the seat, reinforced by the commendable performances of other cast members, Nazish Jahangir, Shamyale Nasir, Rehan Sheikh, and Sarah Aijaz Khan.

The film is wrapped by beautiful visuals with promising production design, music and cinematography. Attention to detail in every aspect from set design, costumes, to background music and editing, guarantees a pleasant and smooth viewing experience.

The true highlight of the film is its direction, where Kanza Zia and Ammar Lasani excelled. Their funda is simple: Entertain the viewer with relatable dialogues and emotions, interesting characters, spellbound frames, captivating music, and mass appealing humour.

Saransh Bhatnagar, one of the international distributors of ‘Poppay Ki Wedding’, and a prominent figure in the film distribution industry, indicated that the film’s humorous content is poised to resonate with audiences across the globe. “The film taps a unique blend of comedy and cultural themes that we believe will have universal appeal,” said Bhatnagar. He further added, “The world is seeking relief from stress and pressure where comedy has a unique power to uplift spirits, and producers and filmmakers like Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia are doing incredible work in delivering high-quality comedy content.” As the global film industry continues to evolve, Starstruck Films, in collaboration with foreign company, Intleconomic Industries, is at the forefront of promoting cross-cultural storytelling and expanding the reach of diverse content. Initiating with ‘Poppay Ki Wedding’s international release, both the companies are fostering cultural exchange and build connections through the power of cinema, aiming towards a long-term business relationship in film production and distribution across the world.