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By Our Correspondent
May 12, 2024
An aerial view of Islamabad is seen in this undated image. — X/@Islamabadies/File
An aerial view of Islamabad is seen in this undated image. — X/@Islamabadies/File

— the announcement that the cricket team would be awarded $100,000 each for winning the T20 World Cup, while at the same time declaring that the prize money held no importance compared to lifting the trophy, so what was the necessity to make such an announcement at all. People say the propensity to award cash as an incentive makes it appear that the team members will not do their best on the field unless it is offered, which questions their integrity.

— the news that the government is thinking of exporting excess sugar and how, in the past, this left an insufficient supply domestically, forcing it to purchase costly sugar from abroad, negatively impacting the economy and exacerbating food affordability for the underprivileged. People say domestic needs must be evaluated carefully and only excess sugar, if any, should be exported so we don’t to end up in another situation where we run out of sugar and have to rely on expensive imports.

— the failure of society to prepare the next generation for future challenges and how we need to reform education to prioritise skills relevant to the modern era. People say shifting towards inclusivity and equity are also crucial, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone, so investment in vocational training, mentorship programs and mental health support services is vital, as is the importance of supporting the next generation and working together to create a more adaptable and innovative workforce.

— the good news that our hockey team is doing well in the ongoing tournament in Malaysia and how it has hockey fans excited after so many years. Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan and some of our greatest sporting accomplishments having taken place in this sport but unfortunately it has been put on the back burner because of cricket and hockey fans are hoping that now more interest will be shown in the national sport to encourage the team.

— how the heaps of garbage lying in the streets appears to be a problem no civic authority is capable of solving, or does not have the motivation to do so, at the same time the sorry fact that citizens are so careless about the disposal of their daily waste. People say various sections of the government spend huge amounts on advertising their ‘achievements’ on TV though creating awareness about cleanliness and civic responsibility should be its priority.

— how inadequate access to clean water and sanitation facilities in schools perpetuates inequality and further marginalises already disadvantaged students, since every child deserves a safe and conducive learning environment that fosters their development, empowering them to reach their full potential. People say local authorities should make water infrastructure and sanitation facilities in schools a priority, ensuring that every student has access to clean water for drinking, hand washing and sanitation purposes, while water conservation and hygiene should be integrated into the school curriculum to promote responsible water usage. — I.H.