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Three cases registered two days after Landhi terrorist attack

By Faraz Khan
April 22, 2024
Security officials are on the spot after a suicide attack on a convoy of foreign nationals in the Landhi area on April 19, 2024. — APP
Security officials are on the spot after a suicide attack on a convoy of foreign nationals in the Landhi area on April 19, 2024. — APP

A total of three cases were registered on Sunday pertaining to the terrorist attack on foreign nationals in Landhi’s Mansehra Colony two days ago.

Following the suicide attack on five Japanese nationals in the Mansehra Colony area of Landhi on Friday, the cases were registered at the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) police station against the masterminds and facilitators of the slain terrorists.

The cases were registered on the complaint of Sharafi Goth SHO Arshad Awan. The charges in the cases included those of terrorism, murder, attempted murder and other offences. The FIRs also named the facilitator of the killed terrorists.

According to CTD officials, the first case pertained to the suicide attack itself, the second involved the weapons used by the terrorists, and the third included the use of explosive materials and grenades.

The FIR stated that three vehicles, including a Suzuki pick-up and a motorcycle, belonging to foreigners were damaged in the attack. The police seized the motorcycle of the terrorists from the scene.

The terrorist killed in the police firing has been identified as Sohail Ahmed. His bag contained four hand grenades, one RPG, three rifle grenades, one SMG rifle grenade and other grenades. Another suspect had four SMG rifles and other weapons in his bag.

According to investigative sources, the apparent facilitator of the terrorists has been identified as Akram. The search for Akram has begun, and it is believed that he helped the terrorists reach the site of the attack.

Investigation efforts have also led to a raid in Sharafi Goth. During technical support-enabled investigations, the apparent facilitation by Akram was revealed. Separately, a video statement of security guard Langar Khan who was injured in the terrorist attack went viral on social media on Sunday. Khan was traveling in a vehicle on Friday morning when a person came running towards him.

"I suspected he would attack, so I fired," he said. "At that moment, the person blew himself up.” He revealed that Noor Muhammad, another security guard who lost his life in the attack, was behind him and he also fired shots. Khan said bullets fired by terrorists hit him and Noor Muhammad.

He said his other colleagues at the back also fired. "Police arrived at the scene 10 to 12 minutes later,” he said, adding that by that time, the terrorists had already died.

However, the Karachi police have refuted Khan’s claim and took the credit for killing the terrorists themselves. The police stated that two terrorists attacked the foreign nationals. One of the terrorist died by blowing himself up while his accomplice fired on the foreigners’ vehicle.

A police mobile stationed 300 metres away in the opposite direction immediately responded and reached the scene to take position. A terrorist hiding behind the sand and block was firing at the security guards and foreigners and upon sighting the police, he fired at the cops.

The police shot the hiding terrorist in the head and the initial medical report indicated that his death was caused by a shot from a high-caliber weapon. According to police, the response time of the police as per CCTV footage was less than two minutes and cops could be seen bravely engaging in the combat in the video.

Meanwhile, the police investigators are also trying to verify the report that one of the terrorists, Ahmed, was earlier dismissed from the Levies.