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IMCG Bhara Kahu struggles without a regular principal

April 22, 2024
Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG) Bhara Kahu building seen in this image. — APP/File
Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG) Bhara Kahu building seen in this image. — APP/File

Islamabad: Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG) Bhara Kahu finds itself in disarray as the absence of a regular principal continues to paralyse both administrative and financial operations, leaving over 1200 students and staff directionless.

The crisis emerged following the reshuffling of principals by the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) on March 20. Ms. Najm-un-Nisa, the former principal of IMCG Bhara Kahu, was transferred to IMCG I-8/3 as principal on "temporary duty.” In a chain reaction, Ms. Shazia Wazir was slated to replace her, but according to sources at the FDE, she refused to assume the role, citing concerns over the seniority principle in her transfer.

However, conflicting reports suggest that concerns over substantial funds embezzlement in the students'' fund of the college during the past few years might be influencing her reluctance to join IMCG Bhara Kahu, thus plunging the college into a leadership vacuum.

In an attempt to settle the issue, the FDE has given Ms. Shazia Wazir time until the end of the summer vacation to address her apprehensions, signalling a compromise that some perceive as a display of weakness on the part of the authorities. Meanwhile, attempts to fill the leadership void have proven futile.

Ms. Abida Parveen, an associate professor at IMCG (Postgraduate) G-10/4, was transferred to IMCG I-14/3 but remains in limbo, awaiting Ms. Shazia Wazir’s departure. With Ms. Shazia Wazir’s relieving now delayed until August, Ms. Abida Parveen and the college find themselves in an extended state of uncertainty.

To mitigate the crisis at IMCG Bhara Kahu, the FDE has reportedly requested another principal to oversee the affairs of IMCG Bhara Kahu in addition to her own college. However, the administrative debacle has left teachers and students in disarray, with mounting concerns over the integrity of the college environment.

Anonymous sources within the IMCG Bhara Kahu while talking to APP paint a grim picture of the situation, highlighting the repercussions of the absence of a principal. Pending bills and budget allocations of the fourth quarter risk going unused, with the looming deadline of June 30 threatening the lapse of funds.

Moreover, the utilization of student funds requires the approval of a regular principal, further exacerbating the college’s financial woes. There seems to be no writ of FDE. It is as if there is a vacuum of authority, leaving educational institutions adrift without proper guidance or oversight.

The FDE should really think things through before making transfers expressed a vice principal, highlighting a breakdown in governance within the education sector. An associate professor of a college speaking on condition of anonymity told APP, These transfers reflect a lack of rational decision-making and a violation of basic principle of seniority on the part of the FDE.

Moreover, the syndrome of ''temporary duty disrupts educational institutions, compromising teaching quality and administrative efficiency. "Teachers attribute this chaos to the absence of a regular Director General leading the Federal Directorate of Education, leading to haphazard decision-making and undermining the educational system’s integrity. They urge the Minister for Education to intervene and appoint a seasoned Director General to rectify past wrongdoings and ensure appointments of Principals based on seniority, restoring stability to educational institutions.