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PHEC offers expertise to Kyrgyzstan in educational field

By Our Correspondent
April 22, 2024
Kyrgyzstan’s Consul General Meher Kashif Younis seen in this image. — APP/File
Kyrgyzstan’s Consul General Meher Kashif Younis seen in this image. — APP/File

LAHORE: Kyrgyzstan Honorary Consul Kashif Younis Sunday said Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) has offered its expertise to Kyrgyzstan for developing its existing educational disciplines on modern scientific lines at par with international standards to meet global challenges.

Talking to a delegation of industrialists here at Kyrgyzstan consulate, he said he had a fruitful and result oriented meeting with Chairperson Punjab Higher Education Commission Dr Shahid Munir who assured full cooperation for offering services, expertise and technical skills to Kyrgyzstan for significant improvements in their existing educational system especially technical higher education.

He said collaboration with Kyrgyz to enhance its educational system marks a significant step towards fostering global cooperation and academic advancement. He said the partnership encompasses various aspects aimed at elevating the quality of education to international standards. The Punjab Higher Education Commission can offer expertise in curriculum development, drawing upon its own experience in aligning educational content with contemporary scientific principles and global best practices in addition to designing curricula that not only encompass core subjects but also emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application of knowledge.

Kashif Younis said Dr Shahid Munir is of the view that Punjab Higher Education Commission can provide training and capacity-building programmes for Kyrgyzstani educators, equipping them with the pedagogical skills and methodologies necessary to deliver high-quality education. This may include workshops, seminars, and teacher exchange programs aimed at fostering professional growth and knowledge sharing, he said

Moreover, collaboration can facilitate research partnerships and knowledge exchange, enabling scholars and students from both countries to engage in collaborative projects and contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge, he concluded.