Monday May 20, 2024

Inclusive roads

By News Desk
April 19, 2024
Inclusive roads

Car-dependency, along with the pervasive absence of any facilities for pedestrians and cyclists during the road design procedure contribute to the inconvenient and congested state of our roads. Upon touring a handful of countries and watching walking vlogs of youtubers globally, I have gotten quite envious of the easy and multi-faceted mobility that the relevant government authorities and civil engineers have provided to their citizens. Sweden, Netherlands, and Canada, in particular, are known for their smart road-planning. Pedestrian-friendly streets, well-designed bike lanes, accessible public transportation and transit systems, promotion of cycling, dedicated parking spots for bikes and curb cuts are some of the key features incorporated in the transport infrastructure of more advanced countries.

I urge the authorities concerned to prioritize the construction of accessible roads and infrastructure in Pakistan. This includes investing in the construction and the maintenance of sidewalks, bike lanes, tactile pavements, and curb ramps and enforcing accessibility standards and regulations. It is equally crucial to adopt automatic traffic signals at intersections in order to regulate traffic for pedestrians. Detailed analysis of traffic hazards faced by pedestrians and cyclists in each area should be conducted to create roads tailored to their needs.

Syeda Filza Fatima Naqvi