Sunday May 19, 2024

Chinese embassy launches series of interactive sessions with media

April 18, 2024
A general view of the Chinese embassy in Islamabad. — X/@CathayPak/File
A general view of the Chinese embassy in Islamabad. — X/@CathayPak/File

Islamabad: Chinese Embassy here on Wednesday launched a series of interactive sessions with Pakistani media, in order to provide them latest update on growing Sino-Pak cooperative partnership and CPEC-related projects.

At the first interaction with a group of Pakistani Media here at the Chinese Embassy, Political and Press Counsellor Wang Shengjie announced that such as initiative will be a part of China-Pakistan Information Corridor (CPIC) that is to serve as a bridge between Pakistani and Chinese media.

The embassy, he said, also wants to provide a new platform under CPIC to develop working partnership between two sides. The interactive sessions to be held from time to time with different Media groups will help to expand the coverage of positive and development news about the Sino-Pak ties and the CPEC. Under the new initiative, the Embassy will keep holding a press briefing on China and China-Pak friendship. It will be an opportunity to promote mutual learning & understanding.

He asserted the embassy wishes to closely work with the Electronic, digital and print media to counter the fake news that sometimes come up from vested quarters. Wang Shengjie said that the CPIC is aimed at mobilising the media to keep the people well-informed about the positive developments, particularly those taking place under the 2nd phase of the CPEC, which mainly focus on industrial, agriculture, mineral and IT sector development as well as those concerning with public welfare.

We want to mobilise all the available resources to bridge the information gap about various aspects of the relationship taking place in various spheres of life and to adopt a holistic approach to counter unfounded news. He hoped under the CPIC, both Pakistani and Chinese media will formulate new working mechanism for projecting development and security-related news in their true prospective.

During the interactive session, the media team of the Embassy exchanged ideas with the participating journalists as how to strengthen media’s role in giving further boost to their cooperative ties.

About the CPEC, he said they are developing it as “Open Corridor’ to welcome third-party cooperation and to combine all advantages for achieving the ultimate objective of Pakistan’s socio-economic developments.