Tuesday April 23, 2024

Culture shock

By News Desk
April 03, 2024
Culture shock

I am currently in Austin, Texas, USA as my uncle has been diagnosed with terminal carcinoma cancer. There is no doubt that the US healthcare system has several positive aspects. It has the world’s most cutting-edge medical treatment techniques, a comfortable environment, and hospitals are rarely out of medicines. Most importantly, the patients are the priority and there is no discrimination. At least, this has been my experience. However, one thing that has troubled me to no end is the policies surrounding disclosure of information. A patient’s status and problems will not be shared with his/her family unless they explicitly authorize the doctor to do so.

My uncle hid all his medical information from his family and friends, and we only found out about his cancer diagnosis very late. I respect the laws of the US, but this has caused us great agony and pain. It was only after my uncle became virtually helpless and lost the ability to speak that a medical attorney was transferred to him and the reports were revealed to us. If this information was revealed to us before we could have made prompt decisions regarding my uncle’s treatment.

Nasir Soomro