Wednesday April 17, 2024

From now on, selection committee to finalise appointments of SHOs

By Salis bin Perwaiz
March 27, 2024
In this screengrab, Sindh police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon chairs a meeting on March 25, 2024. — Facebook/Sindh Police
In this screengrab, Sindh police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon chairs a meeting on March 25, 2024. — Facebook/Sindh Police

Sindh police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon on Tuesday ordered reviving the examination process for posting station house officers (SHOs), saying that from now on officers should be posted after clearing the exam.

Officials said that after a meeting with his subordinates, IGP Memon revived the test-pass system in the Karachi police for posting SHOs. The directions were issued to the city police chief, who has formed a committee for tests and interviews.

The capacity building system of the police force that had weakened in the past is being strengthened again. Now that the capacity building of officials is being ensured in a more effective manner, the system of selection of officials is being improved as well.

Only officers of good reputation will be included in the pool of SHOs. Inspectors and sub-inspectors can submit their applications, and the SHOs who have already been posted can also take the test.

Officers who have passed the test in the past have been told not to submit their applications. Only officers in the passed pool will be appointed SHOs. Officials said SHOs posted on merit would strengthen the policing system, so that the police can provide the best possible assistance to the public. Moreover, they added, instead of an individual appointing an officer, posting of SHOs would be finalised by a selection committee.

They said IGP Memon had introduced the test-pass pool policy for SHOs during his earlier posting as the provincial police chief, but the policy was abandoned after he was transferred. The order also mentioned that SHOs who are not qualified will be removed from their posts, they added.

Regarding measures for controlling street crime, the IGP said that habitual offenders’ identification through CCTV cameras is under way. He ordered strong investigations so that the accused cannot be granted bail by courts. A massive crackdown against street criminals is also going to take place in the coming days.

To deal with criminals equipped with modern weapons in the Kutcha areas, the police chief said the government has provided funds for ordering a consignment of latest weapons that is expected to arrive within two months. In the ongoing crackdown against illegal drugs and narcotics, action will be taken against not only the criminals involved in such illegal activities but also the officers patronising such crimes and the people behind them.

The IGP also issued strict directives to the Special Branch, telling them to be careful in sending information reports. He said that strict legal action would be taken against Special Branch personnel who compile false reports. Officials said the police chief was informed that many Special Branch officials had started compiling false reports, while many of the incharges of the Special Branch had been involved in compiling false reports as well.

Memon announced that strict legal action would be taken against those who compile false reports. He also ordered conducting an inquiry against the corrupt police officers, stressing on appointing honest police officers.

A decision to crack down on kite sellers in Karachi has also been ordered. Officials said that the kind of incidents happening in cities of Punjab have also started occurring in Karachi. After several incidents of injuries due to kite strings, the top authorities decided to crack down against those involved.

On Monday a motorcyclist was injured in Khokhrapar after his throat was slit by a kite string. A few days ago a man named Waqas was injured on the Shah Faisal Bridge. Strings with banned chemicals are causing accidents, sources said, adding that the police have prepared a strategy to prevent such incidents.