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RAW, Afghan soil and Pakistan-II

By Qammer Abbass Anka
May 03, 2016

India is known to have contact with extremist and terrorist outfits like TTP etc, whom it frequently uses to implement her designs to keep Pakistan and Afghanistan unstable and in chaos. Asim Umar, an Indian citizen of Utter Pardesh who had migrated to Pakistan in 1990 managed to become Chief of al-Qaeda’s South Asia Chapter. This confirmed RAW terrorist, has also created AQIS women force under title of “Shaheen Force.” India has similar reputation of having thick association with ISIS and al-Qaeda at international level. In 2014 Indian, NSA Ajit Doval visited Syria and Iraq on the pretexts of assisting Indian Ministry of External Affairs in evacuation of stranded Indian people, however, the secret visit was used to create contact with ISIS leadership. The visit and the contact of Doval were widely reported even by Indian media. Similarly, Indian consulate in Kandahar was utilised for creating harmony and contact between TTP and ISIS elements, who so far have claimed many terror incidents in Afghanistan. Recently, an EU based, research institution named 'Conflict Armament Research' (CAR), undertook a 20-months exhaustive study to track weapon supply chain of Daesh. The study revealed that seven Indian companies are involved in provision of over 700 components used in manufacturing of lEOs by Daesh. The investigation revealed that India is the second largest supplier of lethal material needed for fabrication of deadly IEOs for Daesh.

Successful progress of Operation “Zarb-e-Azb”, which has been admired internationally, is also a source of jealousy for India and its allies over the globe. The said operation has broken the back of terrorists (TTP), who now find it extremely difficult to continue their activities. India, which has invested heavily on TTP and similar outfits, does not want their activities to stall and has therefore threatened TTP leadership that their funds will be stopped if they are unable to keep pace of terrorist attacks inside Pakistan. As an alternative, India also wanted to replace TTP with ISIS to broaden the theater of her nefarious activities to three countries i.e. Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. TTP and disenchanted Afghan Taliban are being lured in to join ISIS ranks which are propagated as “Al Khorasan” in Afghanistan.

India is highly frustrated over China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a fortune changer venture worth $46 billion. The project will be a perpetual source of prosperity in Pakistan. India has already conveyed her reservation rather annoyance over CPEC to China but of no avail. For sabotaging the grand project, India has allocated a handsome amount of $300 million to RAW as initial grant to target CPEC. It has established special office at Lodhi Road, New Delhi, while RAW's chief, is personally supervising the given project. Raw is mobilising all its resources including friendly regimes, banned terrorist groups, sympathisers in political parties, electronic/print media, NGOs, human rights activists, mafias, traders and lawyers to accomplish its task. Prior to the activation of different groups on CPEC, RAW is orchestrating an organised and collaborated media campaign at the international, regional and local levels to project exaggerated stances of so-called Baloch nationalist leadership, missing persons issue and socio-politico-economic deprivations of Baloch people etc.

Recent revelations of RAW terrorists, Kul Bhushan Yadav, confirm that India is garnering help from friendly regimes, banned terrorist groups, its cronies in some political parties etc to hinder smooth implementation of CPEC project. In the same context, India is sponsoring foreign terrorists (Uzbeks’, Chechens, Tajiks etc) through Afghan soil against Pakistan and China. Similarly, RAW has also intensified its efforts in strengthening ETIM along Pak–China border.

Afghanistan, a war ridden country has mostly been unstable due to internal rifts of war lords or external interventions. The long years of war and political instability have made Afghanistan devoid of ability to discriminate between friends and foes. It all is not the fault of Afghanistan only, the conspirators and insinuators both from within as well as the outside are too strong to be countered by the political sanity prevailing in the country.

Prevalent situation in Afghanistan is a logical fallout of callous ignorance, inefficiency and non-sensitivity of Afghan leadership in responding to the problems. To divert their public attention, they frequently resort to blaming Pakistan without acknowledging their own shortcomings and increasing mischievous activities of RAW-NDS nexus etc. It is high time for Afghan government and its people to start differentiating between their friends and foes. It is ridiculous to perceive that Pakistan is seeking an unstable Afghanistan. Pakistan has harboured three million Afghan refugees for three decades and is still looking after about two million of them. Presence of regional and extra regional proxies aimed at destabilising Pakistan and Afghanistan is a reality. Undoubtedly, the beneficiaries of an unstable Afghanistan are those forces, which desire to expand their strategic ditches to legitimise their presence and relevance in the regional environment and continue to encircle China and wage proxies against Pakistan.

India and some Western spin doctors frequently allege Pakistan of having association with Taliban. Pakistan being herself the worst victim of Taliban has many a times denounced any proximity with Taliban. This false perception is a malicious propaganda to fuel mistrust between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan is and will continue facilitating Afghan-led peace process with utmost seriousness to see peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan in the neighbourhood. At the same time Pakistan strongly urges international community to take notice of conspiracies against her sincerity and resolve.