Friday April 12, 2024

University of Wah hosts 3rd alumni reunion

By Our Correspondent
March 21, 2024
Participants attend a ceremony at the University of Wah (UW) on March 14, 2024. — Facebook/ UW
Participants attend a ceremony at the University of Wah (UW) on March 14, 2024. — Facebook/ UW

Islamabad:The University of Wah (UW) marked a momentous occasion as it hosted its 3rd Alumni Reunion, heralding a vibrant gathering of past and present scholars. Amidst an atmosphere brimming with nostalgia and camaraderie, the event served as a platform for alumni to reconnect, forge new bonds, and celebrate the legacy of academic achievement upheld by the university.

Distinguished figures including Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi, Vice Chancellor of the University of Wah, graced the event, delivering an inspiring address that echoed the enduring spirit of the alumni community. With poignant reflections on shared experiences and aspirations, the Vice Chancellor's speech resonated deeply with attendees, underscoring the invaluable role of education in shaping lives and fostering enduring connections.

The reunion also featured a diverse array of literary activities, further enriching the intellectual fabric of the gathering. From insightful discussions to engaging workshops, participants immersed themselves in a stimulating exchange of ideas, embodying the ethos of lifelong learning championed by UW.

Highlighting the significance of alumni engagement, the event showcased the profound impact of UW graduates across various sectors. Director of the alumni association and esteemed alumni shared their insights and experiences, offering valuable perspectives on professional growth and community involvement.

In recognition of their steadfast commitment to the university's mission, Vice Chancellor-UW presented shields to the alumni core body, acknowledging their contributions to the institution's continued success.

The occasion was made possible through the generous support of esteemed sponsors, including Hope Groups, Islamabad, Tagine Marketing, Islamabad,, Global Study Linkers, Wah Cantt, and Clix Media Productions, Wah Cantt, whose unwavering dedication to education and community enrichment was instrumental in ensuring the success of the reunion.

As the University of Wah continues to uphold its legacy of excellence, the 3rd Alumni Reunion stands as a testament to the enduring bonds forged through education, inspiring generations to strive for greatness and embody the spirit of lifelong learning.