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Healthier dietary landscape for all demanded

By Our Correspondent
February 29, 2024
A representational image of junk food. — Precision Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
A representational image of junk food. — Precision Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Islamabad: Pakistan Youth Change Advocates (PYCA) proudly announces the nationwide collaboration of youth groups under the banner of the Transform Pakistan campaign, aimed at advocating for the regulation of industrially produced Trans-Fatty Acids (iTFAs). This movement signifies a crucial step toward ensuring a healthier and safer dietary landscape for all Pakistanis.

“Launched last year, the Transform Pakistan campaign has gained momentum as PYCA engages with youth groups across diverse regions, fostering awareness about the adverse health effects of iTFAs,” shared Huma Jehangir, Programme Implementation lead at PYCA. “From Karachi to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, young leaders are now equipped with knowledge and advocacy skills, actively leading the campaign in their localities.”

A youth group at the University of Karachi is conducting research to analyse the iTFA content in the most consumed foods within the university premises. “Our initiative not only sheds light on the immediate environment but also contributes valuable insights to the broader discourse on regulating trans fats,” said Parkash Meghwar in the press statement by PYCA.

Simultaneously, the student group from NIFSAT, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, is making strides by rallying parents, school administrations, and engaging with the Punjab Food Authority (PFA). “Our collaboration ensures that communities actively voice their support for regulation, emphasising the fundamental right to a healthier food environment,” shared Nagina Mehboob while talking about the work that she and her young fellows were undertaking in Faisalabad.

Meanwhile, a youth group from the University of Peshawar is rallying students across different universities, aiming to cultivate a heightened demand for regulatory support. Emphasising the importance of youth in policy change, Shahid Ali Khan, the representative from the University of Peshawar mentioned, "We believe that students have the power to drive change. Our efforts are about creating a united front to demand regulatory measures that safeguard our health and future."

As part of the campaign, PYCA has also launched a nationwide petition, garnering support from citizens at large demanding swift regulatory action against iTFAs. The petition, already boasting ample signatures, will be presented to relevant authorities, urging them to prioritize the health and well-being of the nation. PYCA encourages young leaders and concerned citizens to join the TRANSFORM Pakistan campaign, creating a unified voice that resonates across demographics and emphasizing the urgency of addressing the iTFAs issue.