Thursday April 18, 2024

Independent audit

By News Desk
February 28, 2024
Independent audit

Pakistan is currently facing a difficult period in its history. The recent 2024 general elections were marred by claims of vote manipulation and have resulted in a political deadlock and a delay in government formation. Political instability has had a substantial economic influence in Pakistan. The IMF anticipates a two per cent GDP growth rate for the country at the end of the current fiscal year, although persistent political uncertainty may impede even this weak growth. The delay in forming the government has also prompted concerns about the country’s ability to continue receiving financial aid and investment. In the middle of the crisis, former PM Imran Khan has reportedly sent a letter to the IMF demanding an audit of the election results before sanctioning any fresh loans to Pakistan.

This move emphasizes the gravity of the charges of vote manipulation and its potential consequences for international relations. The current political and economic turmoil has harmed Pakistan’s image on the global stage. News sources and international observers have highlighted the election-related controversies. To improve its current position, Pakistan needs to address these issues promptly and transparently. An independent audit of the election results could be a step towards restoring faith in the democratic process.

Shahid Ullah Khan Tator

Dera Ismail Khan