Tuesday March 05, 2024

Repairs needed

By News Desk
February 12, 2024

The current state of the roads in Turbat, Balochistan has become a growing matter of concern. The deteriorating road conditions have reached a point where immediate action is imperative. Cracks, potholes, and uneven surfaces have made navigation a challenging and treacherous endeavour. This situation not only hampers the daily commute for residents but also poses serious risks, including accidents, injuries, and damage to vehicles. The consequences of these dilapidated roads extend beyond just inconvenience and safety risks. Turbat is an important hub for commerce and transportation in the region.

Repairs needed

The poor conditions of the roads hinder the movement of goods and services, negatively impacting the local economy. Emergency services like ambulances face difficulties in reaching their destinations promptly, potentially putting lives at stake during critical situations. Urgent repairs, resurfacing, and maintenance work are needed to restore safe and functional roads in the city. Adequate funding, skilled labour, and effective project management are essential to tackle this issue promptly and ensure better mobility for Turbat’s residents.

Talal Rafiq Rind